Boots Offer: Free Wash Bag from Soap & Glory!

I was doing some last minute shopping last week and spotted this cute wash bag from Soap & Glory, free when you spend £7 or more on the range!


How cute is this bag?! I love the shape, I love the fact that it’s plastic and therefore wipeable, I love the orange retro design:


I ended up choosing two things – I wasn’t sure what to buy because the range has grown so much, so I went for something a little different:#alttext#

I got Endless Glove Dry Hand Cream for Mr Candy – he goes through tubs and tubs of hand lotions due to his dry skin so I always pick up creams for him.

I also bought Glam-A-Lot which is apparently a body spritz which comes in a large 250ml squirty bottle.

I really like it! I was expecting something quite soapy, but it’s quite an intense floral, sweet scent. When you first spray it it’s STRONG, it actually reminds me of perfume but it does fade away quickly to leave a very soft scent. You get tons of it too, so I am guessing you can be quite liberal with your application!

Would you buy some Soap & Glory for the free bag?

(It’s also on the Boots website here).

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