Video No. 1: Introductions, How do you do?

So I got cold feet yesterday (or was it the day before?) about posting the video we made over the weekend, mainly because I look like I’ve had 20 pints beforehand (I don’t drink) and sound like I’ve smoked 50 cigarettes (I don’t smoke). And God knows what people will make of the addition of children and animals, all in one 2:45 second video.

Anyway, Mr Candy bullied me into submission, so here it is.

“Every journey starts with one small step…”

And we all gotta make that first step!

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Note: A reader, Miss B pointed out that subtitles are useful for those who are hard of hearing (thankyou Miss B) so all Cosmetic Candy videos from now on will be captioned my moi (ok, ok, Mr Candy!) so you can read along if you prefer.

People who cannot access You Tube! You can watch the video direct on the site but its slower to load and the quality is not as good – so please, just for ladies in locations where You Tube cannot be accessed.

Your feedback is welcome, and any ideas for future videos. I am thinking beauty-comedy-chit chat-reviews-tips is more my style because of course you already have the talents of Pixiwoo and Oxford Jasmine (and many others of course) if you need professional make up tutorials.

Oh and my favourite YouTuber is back:

Dawn Air (this singer) is excellent when he sings in Korean by the way!

Anyway stash video up later on today and blog sale on Saturday!

Much Love! x

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  1. says

    i have been waiting for this :) loved the vid , L-O-V-E-D it… you were natural and i enjoyed every bit of it.. so hilarious and you have such cute British accent with bubbly fresh voice.:) cant wait to see more

  2. says

    Yay!!!! Been waiting for this for so long, fantastic video Row baby!! Wheres the Manc accent though :( you was going to be my lil’ inspiration haha, I was thinking “If Row can do it with a Manc accent so can Jo” Im on it alone now! Bloody thanks posh bird!!!! haha.


  3. imoutofit says

    I loved the video! It was really cute and no, you didn’t look drunk or sound like you’ve been smoking 5 packs a day.

  4. says

    Row now you are my imaginary bff LOL.
    I love everything! Your hair is amazing, very cool British accent, you’re so beautiful and funny. Really funny! (ok, now i sound like a killer stalker, but, dont worry hahah)

  5. baby in a corner says

    this was really funny! i enjoyed it! i didn’t know what accent you’d have or what you’d sound like so its good to put a face to the blog!

  6. Naz says

    Loved it!

    This is going to sound so weird (I apologise!) but you’re just the type of person I’d love to know in real life. You have the same sense of humour as I do AND you adore makeup! Dude, I need you in my life!

    Love the cats, the little girl (she’s a great actress and I can already see her sense of humour revealing itself) and the Scrabble!

    Finally I love your hair colour, it’s looking fab.

  7. Sofia says

    Wow! I want to see your face since i started reading the blog! (lol this sounds really creepy)

    Also, my english is really bad so thanks to the subtitles i can understand all! Thanks!

  8. says

    Your videos are great – somebody famous said that the greatest journeys start with the smallest step (or words to that effect) well done. I started a beauty blog at the weekend – no doubt it will never be viewed but I had such a laugh with my children taking bad photos and that’s what it is all about, I bow to your eloquence and knowledge.

    • Row says

      Hi Marie

      I think it was Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher!

      Yep its baby steps all the time but I am getting somewhere, which I should be grateful for :) thanks for readingx

  9. tiffany says

    i have such fun watching your video!! lovely ROW!!! Very comical stunts in the video content..not at all boring but entertaining, spell more pls!!

    faithful reader of yours for the past 2 years