Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream To Powder Foundation Review

My favourite texture of foundation in Cream, followed by Liquid – I just love make up that makes my skin feel hydrated.

However, a problem with cream foundations quite often, is that they don’t sit well on the skin, bunching up or looking greasy after a few hours.

A few of my friends also tell me that they find cream foundation feels too heavy and unnatural on the skin, that its too rich and cakey. But I just love them! I love how quickly you can do your base with a cream foundation. Powder foundation just doesn’t do it as well for me.

So for review today I have Urban Decay’s Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation:

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Cream Powder Foundation .jpg

I love Urban Decay for their eyeliner and colour products but I haven’t tried many base products.

The case is lovely, as expected. Its a pretty chunky case, so you will need to make space in a little make up bag, but it does also house a foundation brush – yes! A foundation brush included!

I prefer a foundation brush in a compact x1000000000 more than a sponge applicator which needs cleaning regularly.

Anyway – the lid has all this funky tattoo-art-esque stuff on the lid:

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Foundation .jpg

My shade is HALLUCINATION – for lightly tanned skin.

Perfect for NC35 skintones like mine.

The cream is quite a firm texture – you can’t get too application happy with it, as you can with some super soft cream foundations.

They say:

Lighter than liquid, our buildable formula gives you all the coverage you desire, without the pore-clogging effects of heavier foundations – you can even wear it as a concealer.

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Foundation -1.jpg

A light cream foundation? Really? Without being all dry and chalky?…

Well…yes. Yes it does exactly what it says it will do on the tin.

This foundation gives a very natural, slightly matte look to the skin. At first I thought it was too light, but as I built the layers up (only two, mind) I found it covered my redness and blemishes perfectly!

In other words – this would work if you already have great skin, and it would work if you need more help.

The brush, though tricky at first to get used to, makes application quite quick and very very natural.

Urban Decay Cream To Powder Surreal Skin Foundation .jpg

This is a cream to powder as opposed to a cream foundation so it does set a bit on the skin. This gives quite a nice matte finish (cream foundation can leave me looking greasy) but I would suggest a primer underneath if you are dry – don’t think this foundation will hydrate your skin on its own.

If you are oily, then this is a cream to powder foundation that could really suit your skin as the finish is softly matte (but I can’t say how long it will stay like that! Add some HD powder on top?)

Now testing time!


Urban Decay Surreal Skin Foundation -2.jpg


Urban Decay Surreal Skin Foundation Make Up.jpg


This cream to powder foundation is quite different from the other cream foundations that I have had before. The finish is more refined and the overall feel is a lot more natural.

I’d definitely recommended it as a on-the-go foundation and if you are a bit oily and want to dry cream foundations. You may want to test a bit first and see how long it wears for on you (about 4-5 hours on me before I look a bit rosy).

On sale in Boots, Debenhams and the usual suspects for £18. Oh here you lazy cow, here’s a link to Debenhams. (Come to think of it, buy it in Boots, you get points!).

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