Golden or Orange? Xen Tan Spray Tan Review

Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that I was fretting very much about my impending spray tan for various reasons –

1. I’m scared of fake tan

2. I’m don’t like standing nude or semi-nude in front of other people

3. To get the girls out, or not?

Hmmm. With much trepidation, I went to my local Selfridges for a Xen-Tan spray tan. One bit of comfort I had is that I have tried the Xen-Tan Product before and I do think its excellent.

spray tan xen tan.jpg

So I get there and am greeted by a lady, and taken the spray room right away.

I am handed a few things:

1. Sticky pads for the feet to protect them

2. Paper g-string

That’s it!

So whilst I was on my own, I took of the make up on my face, kept my own pants on (I’m not g-stringing it) and as for boobies….

I kept my bra on. Sorry. First spray tan ever, I wasn’t quite prepared to have the chi-chis out.

I then stood in a booth/pop up cube thing and my girl came back in, applying barrier cream to the knees and elbows to prevent staining.

I got the choice of colours, light/medium or dark. I chose dark coz I was feeling saucy!

So the spray tan process it was, was easy peasy lemon squeezy and rather good – dare I say it – FUN!

The mist was cold, but not nipple busting cold, the tan smelt like Vanilla (as Xen Tan does), it was quite a big blast (so you have to hold your breath sometimes) but covered an area quickly.

Whilst we were going through, the lady told me which positions to stand in – nothing embarassing, but reminded me of how bad I am at following steps – left arm? right arm? that’s your left arm. Oh.

Whole body was done in 10-13 minutes. Easy. Did my face too and she added an extra layer on top.

Once it was done I was handed a dryer with hot air to dry off a bit – my skin was a little sticky but it wasn’t too bad an I was instantly about 4-5 shades darker!


I still got the biscuity malt smell as the tan started to develop- I don’t think there is a fake tan on earth that doesn’t do that and it caused much complication for Mr C who kept following me around, going Hob Nob, Hob Nob.

The colour is great – its a nice brown and this tan has lasted nicely so far, the biscuit smell has faded and I’m still a nice brown.


Look, I’m still not a hardcore tanner, but if I do want a tan in the future, I would 100% do a spray tan again! It was just extremely quick, and I didn’t have to worry about streaks and things. Thumbs up!

Xen Tan Spray tans are £20 from Selfridges you can also look here for nearest salons.

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  1. Can’t believe you kept your bra on, at least tell me you slipped the straps down right?

    Such a baby. Get ’em out already!

    • Hi Charlene

      Yes I pulled the straps down by my god! Who wants to see giant chi chis on a Friday evening!

  2. First impressions:
    OMG, I did not realise you had to stand up naked in front of a woman. I dont mind lying down and she’s exfoliating me but standing in front of her/him with my boobies looking at the ceiling? No way, I can do that. I think I rather do my tan at home. I always invariably wear g strings (more comfortable plus I have a phobia of visible panty line) but I wear an old pair. I would not want to wear those paper transparent ones.
    “The mist was cold” >>> pff! Can it get any worse? Can’t they warm the bloody thing? I hope the temperature in the cubicle was nice and tropical and that the mist felt more like a welcoming breeze rather than a draft on you!
    I enjoyed the review, and it opened my eyes to what it’s really like to have a spray tan on but it’s not for me. Good job, cos I am 1h30 away of the nearest selfridges. In fact, I’ve never stepped into a selfridges cos I feel it’s too posh a shop for me. I already feel out of place the 2 times I went to Mac in Manchester in the house of fraser.
    I shall continue with my home tanning, thank you xx

    • Hi Liloo

      LOL you should try a spray tan! its really quite good fun and instant too – took barely any time!