Innisfree Mineral Multi Colour Blush Review and Swatches!

One of my current brand crushes is Innisfree, a eco-friendly Korean brand from..well, where do you think?!

They have some really interesting products, a lot of food inspired items which reminds me of Skinfood.  However the Innisfree products try to be as natural as possible.

I spotted this Mineral Multi Colour Blush and had to buy it – how cute?!

Innisfree Multi Mineral Colour Blush Review

This comes in 4 shades and I bought pink and brown, but the seller couldn’t get hold of brown in the end.

There are 3 colours, little shimmer and a pretty engraving on the powder…

The four colours are:

Innisfree mineral multi colour

1. Spring: Pink

2. Summer: Blues (Matte)

3: Fall: Brown

4: Winter: Pale Pink (Shimmer).

Don’t you think the colours are wrongly names?! Pink should be summer? Pale Pink should be spring and blue should be winter!

There’s a dark colour on the outside, a highlight, then a midtone:

Innisfree Eco Mineral Multi Colour Blush

I swatched this and to be frank…it’s disappointing.

For one thing the colours are very similar despite looking different in the pan.

Whilst the texture is soft it’s also mighty chalky – urgh. This would work as a highlighter on me but as a blush – no good!


Innisfree Eco Mineral multi colour Blusher

I was really looking forward to getting this item and it’s disappointing – it wasn’t cheap either, I paid about £13 for it and it just doesn’t show up on me.

Verdict: Not for me.


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