Clarins Instant Sun Light Click & Gloss SPF6 2010 Swatches

Along with the Crystal Lip Balms, Clarins has also released three lip glosses in clicky pens for the Summer Instant Sun Light Collection:

instant sunlight clarins lip glosses .jpg

These three glosses have a SPF 6 and come in Vanilla, Coral and Cinnamon. Its the traditional clicky format.

The glosses were more pigmented than I expected and have a light texture – not too heavy for the summer. It also felt quite comfortable on my lips and hydrating.

clarins instant sun light 2010 collection click lip glosses.jpg

Vanilla is a gold with lots of shimmers:

clarins instant sun vanilla lip gloss.jpg


clarins instant sun light vanilla click and gloss.jpg

Vanilla is a natural, very shimmer light shade.

Coral is a orange with lots of micro sparkles:

clarins instant sun 02 coral click and gloss lip gloss.jpg


Clarins Instant Smooth Click Lip Gloss in Coral Orange.jpg

Cinnamon – a rich brown and probably the most sparkly of the three – my favourite!

Clarins Instant Light Click Lip Gloss Cinnamon.jpg

On the lips:

Clarins Instant Sun Light Click Lip Gloss Cinnamon.jpg

I liked these a lot – Cinnamon is my favourite shade. I also did the usual click click click thing and amazingly enough, the right amount came out of the applicators rather than 2/3 of the container which is what usually happens.

What do you think? Yay or Nay?

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