Aube Couture on Sale!

It looks pretty cute but I’m not convinced. Because I like Aube as it was before, even though it was hit and miss, and I love Rinka, who is the prettiest woman in the world (in my opinion):

sweet0812.png (PNG Image, 326x413 pixels).jpg

Well, maybe not in that photo.

Aube Couture has a new dual use cream shadow and eyeshadow thing, which sure looks pretty and is Jill Stuart-esque:

Aube Couture.jpg

Cute but not very dynamic.


Aube Couture-1.jpg

I love how everything is split up so its clear to see which family group the colours are in, how light or dark they are. I am sure these will be beautiful as Japanese lipsticks are but there’s nothing madly exciting about it.

You know what I want, right now? A pink lipstick with blue micro-sparkles. Yeah!

You can buy Aube Couture from Ichibankao here. Just don’t use the currency coverter, it will make your eyes water!

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  1. sue says

    I prefer the old Aube too! I have one of the lippies in the blue tube. I love it! Dunno how the new ones will fare…Which color did you get?

    • Row says

      Hey Sue! I haven’t bought any Aube Couture yet, I think I will try one of the Limited Edition shadows but not any lip products as I have too many! Maybe the green…..