Tony Moly Blackhead Out Oil Gel, Egg Pore Tightening Pack & Silky Smooth Balm Review

Tony Moly should be a chef. Or a plumber. Or your uncle. He doesn’t sound like a name for a beauty company, but it is, and I just have to accept it.

I haven’t tried much from Tony Moly, because other Korean brands like Etude House and Skinfood catch my attention more. But I couldn’t resist these super cute Egg Pore products (sold separately) when I saw them on eBay recently.

I’ll say it now – these are super cute but boy are they annoying to store. You have been warned.

So we have:


1. Blackhead Out Oil Gel – (White Egg) is step 1.

2. Tightening Pack (Orange Egg) is step 2.

3. Silky Smooth Balm is step 3.

I don’t know what was wrong with my Blackhead Out Oil Gel, but it was really hard to screw back on and I rather violently peeled it open only to have half the contents splash all over me. URGH.


So what does this do?White egg extracts helps to clean excessive sebum, keratin accumulated waste, white heads and blackheads.


Massage this for 3-5 minutes and rinse off.


This is a rich gel with some small beads in it which exfoliate slightly – to be honest it didn’t do very much in the 3-5 minutes I was massaging it in. My skin was a bit cleaner but so far, no less blackheads from using this alone. I will stick with it though and see if there is more improvement but so far, I’d say this is an average product.

The tightening pack:


This is a clay mask with egg white and camellia extracts. It also contains keratin and has a whitening effect.


Use twice a week – apply on the skin and wait for it to dry (about 10-15 mins)

I quite liked the clay mask – it wasn’t too harsh, like some blackhead removing masks can be and left my skin looking a bit clearer and brighter. I also liked how it sucked up the oil on my t-zone! Overall quite a decent mask.

The Silky Smooth Pore Cover Balm:


This is a cosmetic product, not a skincare one – basically, it’s a thick silicone based primer that you use on any areas where you need pore coverage. It’s translucent so once it’s on, it’s pretty invisible.

This is a really effective pore covering product! It’s almost like pollyfilla, giving you a super smooth canvas for foundation.

What I will say that it’s SUPER thick, it is a balm after all so should be used with caution (incase of break outs and on oily skins) but when used in conservative quantities, this is a really excellent primer/pore concealer.

When you are done with the product, you can remove the cut out part on the top of the egg and use it as a plant pot to grow a seed in! Apparently there’s a seed included but I haven’t found it! Is it in the lid?


Cute, space wasting packaging, nice primer balm and decent treatment and mask. I’ll stick to using the cleanser and mask until it’s finished and will let you know if I find it more effective over time!

Various eBay sellers have this, I paid around £9 per egg.

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  1. says

    ah I’ve been debating whether to buy these items cos of how cute the packaging is! x3 thanks for the post~ I think only the tightening pack is worth trying. since my skin gets really oily I think the pore cover balm will break me out.

  2. tab says

    If u haven’t found it, the seed is inside the lid. U turn the egg upside down, and smack it on a hard surface, there cracked part (meaning like the metallic part of the gold egg) will come part and the seed will be inside. At least thats where mine was. :)

  3. AliceJ says

    I am 26 with pretty fair skin and I have had blackheads on my chin and nose for years, (as long as I can remember). I have read many reviews about the Shielo Complexion Scrub and I don’t think they are doing this product justice. After using Shielo’s Complexion Scrub, from their Anti-Aging category, for only 3 days, I have already seen an improvement and not just a little improvement, but a major one.

    Most of my blackheads have completely been removed. I understand it may not work for all people but I have and will continue to recommend this product to anyone who will listen. P.S. If you are gonna try it, get it online, because I paid 3 times the price when I bought it in the store.