The most natural face powder, ever! Sofina Primavista Keep & Reset Powder Review

Primavista is a Japanese brand created by Sofina, one of the big cosmetic companies in Japan (and one of the best!).

Primavista is focused on base products; primers, concealers, foundations and powders. I have been completely dying to try something from their range (but nervous as to whether I could match my skin up to the right shade) because I was confident their range would be high quality.

Finally, I got a chance to try their Keep & Reset Powder Compact:


I have a trillion powders (well ok, more like, 18) and I am extremely fussy about what I will use on my face day to day. I hate the dusty face look so will generally forgo powder altogether, although that’s not a good idea as I get oily in the day.

There is a pretty decent brush included with the compact:


I prefer compact powders over loose, they’re just easier to use and carry around with me if I start sweating profusely.

This powder also has an added bonus of containing SPF15.

Now, there are 2 sections to this powder…


The top half is to ‘set’ your base when you first apply your foundation and concealer. It looks like a pale, pale pink but it’s quite sheer and translucent when applied.

The bottom half is a light yellow beige colour – once again incredibly sheer. This powder only comes in this one shade, so it was devised to be quite universal in colour.

The bottom half of the powder is used to ‘reset’ the make up throughout the day. However, you can use it in whatever order you like or you can swirl them together – entirely up to you.

I have been using this powder every day for the last 3 weeks and I have to say – it’s a brilliant finishing powder IF you want a natural finish.



I really like this. My other choice of pressed powder is my Suqqu Transparent Powder but I, er, lost it AND, that overs zero coverage. Don’t get me wrong – this Primavista powder will not offer much coverage AT ALL. This is primarily a setting powder, but nevertheless – I love the natural, glowy, non dusty finish it gives.


– Super natural finish
– Controlled oil well on me, just needed one top up
– Nice compact, nice brush
– Gives a natural glow
– Sheer and will work on a lot of people and skintones


– Not cheap
– No coverage
– May not work for very dark skintones where it could look ashy


I am carrying this in my ‘On The Go’ make up bag, just because it’s easy. If I am in a rush (ie. everyday) I tend to put some foundation and nothing else anyway, then I just do lips, eyeliner and powder on the way (if I can in private!). So this product is ideal as it’s hard to overdo.

See the product in use!

Buy it here for $49 (the set – brush, compact and powder – you can just buy refills afterwards).

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