Another Oxygen Mask! Missha Super Aqua Detox Enzyme Mask Review

The most famous Oxygen Mask I own is the Bliss triple oxygen facial mask which is lovely. I had to buy this Missha (Korean brand!) Super Aqua Detox Enzyme mask because it also works on the technology of ‘oxygen’ to cleanse the skin.

This mask, like the Bliss Triple Oxygen, also bubbles up slightly on the skin and leaves the complexion brighter and detoxed. At around £10 on eBay including shipping, it’s more affordable that the Bliss mask.

In it’s packaging:


I am really liking Missha at the moment, although it’s not my favourite Korean brand (which is Skinfood followed by Etude House).

Super Aqua mask is like a thick mousse with a dense texture. It’s white with yellow beads in it which is supposed to be the enzymes. It is also soothing and hydrating, as well as brightening.

To use, wash your face first and dry. Then apply the mask, making sure that you massage it so the capsules break. Then, leave for 3-5 minutes as the formula bubbles up, and rinse off. The mask tingles and tickles without stinging when it’s on the skin.


To demonstrate how brightening the formula is:


I do really like this face mask because it’s very brightening on the skin and it’s unusual!

It’s got a weird texture and I can’t really compare it to the Bliss Triple Oxygen too much because that one is really light, it just bubbles immediately on your skin until it turns into a light foam.

This one requires more work in the application and I think it works better in the skin brightening department, however, this one tingles more (not great for sensitive ladies). It doesn’t foam as much as the Bliss mask either.


This mask doesn’t dry, and you just rinse off when you’re done. It’s a quick treatment which I like!

I really like this face mask! It’s affordable and there’s a really noticeable difference on the skin afterwards. Highly recommended!

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  1. Shari Reilly says

    Cool! I’ve been looking at this for a while, but I have so many masks that I’ve held off on it. I’ll add it to my list of things to buy from Missha.

  2. says

    maybe u should write down the effect after 2 days not after 10 minutes you used that product. This product only gave u one day effect (to lighten your dark skin). another day, you skin goes to the original color you had before.

    • Row says

      I wasn’t reviewing the long term effects of the mask – it isn’t a long term whitening product, nor am I looking for it to be – it temporarily brightens the skin that’s all.