Review: Anastasia Brow Filler, for quick eyebrow filling!

I’m not a big one for filling in my brows day to day as they are already quite full and dark so unless I am doing a specific look, I tend to leave them alone.

If I do fill in my brow, I like quick and easy products that come in flattering colours and are quick to use. Anastasia has everything for the brows, and one of my favourite is Brow Filler, a dual ended powder pencil:

brow filler anastasia.jpg

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The ends are stubby sponges, which hold quite a lot of powder. The are rounded so a precision finish is not what this product does – you will need a brush and powder or a pencil or that.

You could use a pencil first then use this to fill in, or just use this on sparse areas. In my case, I just fill in a bit at the beginning and middle of the brow:

anastasia brow powder.jpg

I got the lighter pencil, which has blonde/brunette combinations. I always opt for a lighter fill in shade where possible, it looks less harsh. The lighter shade here is the ‘blonde side':

anastasia brow filler.jpg

The powder is very pigmented and very soft – I think it is quite good for really working into the brow and blending in although you only need a bit of this product.

Verdict: Totally recommended for filling in sparse areas quickly or for adding some kind of oomph – but not for precision work.

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