Smokey Eyes for Dummies: Mally Citychick Smokey Eye Kit in Tribeca Taupe Review

I lost my Mally virginity two weeks ago with the rather nifty palette; Citychick Smokey Eye Kit!

I know nothing about Mally, I had no preconceptions about what the brand had to offer. I guess it’s kinda interesting that way, like going on a blind date but less scary in the context of make up.

Citychick Smokey Eye Kit has an eye base, three complimentary eyeshadows and a dual ended pencil with a cream and black.:


Yeah! An eye base in the palette, I think that’s pretty handy. The palette isn’t by any means small, but it’s not huge either. This is a good thing; I don’t like palettes that are cumbersome and this Mally one is just about the bearable size for me. It’s also a solid metal, quite obviously well made.

The dual ended eyeliner, with a black and cream (for brightening up the waterline) I didn’t expect too much from, but my goodness; it’s FABULOUS. I was surprised by how soft and pigmented it was:


There’s a few colour variations of this palette, I have Tribeca Taupe. When I first saw it, my reaction was – meh. It seemed so neutral – nothing worse than a palette where everything looks the same.But actually; it’s a really nice palette. Obviously this is not for your bright glittery days, but it is for everyday.

The shades are just…really flattering I guess, and quite hard to get wrong. It’s taupe! Taupe is great!


I guess what I find when I wear this set is that my natural eye colour, a weird light brown-gold stands out more I guess because the eyeshadow isn’t detracting; it’s emphasising what is already there.

All the shadows are creamy and easy to work with; they’re not quite 100% flat matte but not shimmery either, it’s somewhere inbetween:


Overall, I wasn’t too excited when I saw this palette but no I really like it because it’s so easy to work with and the eyeliner is perfect. I also found the eye base was pretty good; it’s that sort of slightly sticky texture I like in a base that really adheres to the powder.

I’d happily purchase this item in another colour, like Khaki Khaki (greens!).

Here is a video of the palette at work:

This is £33.28 and I think worth it because you get the base, 2 liners and 3 shadows.

Buy the kit here from QVC

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