Snack Haul: Matcha Latte & Matcha Sweeties!

It’s another one of those random haul kinda days and at the moment I have an obsession with Matcha!

Matcha is a fine grounded powdered high quality green tea and not the same as tea powder or green tea powder.

If you’ve never tried Matcha before then it’s quite unusual because I think it has a creamy edge to it.

I got these sachets of premade matcha lattes. It tastes like a creamy milky sweet green tea:


You can do it yourself but this is easy. Yes, it is luminous green.I also got DHC green tea is sachets (handy!) and Meji collagen drink in a tropical flavour.

Once again these are in sachets so it’s handy and it tastes nice. I’m not sure that ingesting collagen helps anything but there you go:


Then I bought 2 bags of sweets. I don’t buy these often as if I love them, then I finish them quickly and it costs a fortune to import them again.

These are a hard candy (with matcha and red bean flavour – love) and chewy matcha candy.


Both very tasty but unusual and if you’re not used to red bean and the like it might seem extremely odd!

What is your favourite unusual snack?

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  1. Mariko says

    Mmmm, where’d you get all of the above? I’ve been drinking too much PG tips lately but am too lazy to brew loose leaf green tea.

  2. Jen says

    Ahhhhh I LOVE matcha too!! My favourite drink of the moment (especially in this weather!) is the Matcha Chiller from Eat, have you tried it, it tastes exactly like matcha ice-cream Mmmmmmmm. When I went to Japan, I loooooved how so many of their snacks were matcha flavoured, and the matcha flavoured kakigori (shaved ice) with cream on top was absolutely amazing. It’s also a bonus that matcha is so good for you, jam-packed with plenty of antioxidants and general goodies :) It’s a shame matcha powder is soooo expensive in the UK :(