Shiseido Ettusais Acne Care Skincare

In an attempt to get my skin glowing and healthy I decided to invest in some Acne care products – I am by no means spotty, but I do get the odd spot on the chin and nose area. Sometimes on the forehead and I get blackheads. Yet my skin can be tight and dry too after washing. Whilst I am always buying products to address the dry, I tend to neglect the spot/oil control side. So I decided to give Ettusais a run, since it seems like a popular Japanese brand that is not to expensive to buy.

Ettusais, by Shiseido, have a new range out called EXTRA. EXTRA good, I think. A big like how Pampers nappies are EXTRA DRY, always EXTRA, untill they have nappies that just blow hot air onto babies butts.

I decided on 5 items.

1) Medicated Make Up Off Gel

Then this makeup cleansing oil is a dream-come-true. Makeup melts away quickly from your skin and leaves your face spotlessly clean and resilient to acne.

2) Face Soap

Formulated with AC Control Oil, this soap provides heaps of moisturization while its all-natural and preservatives-free formula deep cleanses skin thoroughly without any dryness.

Now here’s where it gets Japanese style confusing. The next step is:

3) Medicated Skin “Version Up” – let’s call it a toner

Before you decide to slap on any of the good stuff, prime your skin with this permeation promoting liquid so that your skin’s horny layer is softer, more moisture absorbent and less ‘hydrophobic’ Formulated with AC Control oil to suppress acne and optimize your skin’s natural moisture.

My skin has a horny layer?! Cool!

4) Medicated Acne Aqua Shooter – let’s call it moisturizer. Comes in 2 types.

Available in two options for oily or dry skin, this amazing product promotes cell layer resistance and prevents their thickening, thus eliminating one of the major causes of acne and dryness.

5) Night time defence powder

Who says powder is just for makeup? Our award-winning medicated skincare powder defies convention by going to work while you rest. The ultra fine powder particles prevent and treat acne, suppress and smoothen out rough skin, and seal in moisture. Greet each day with a fresh and oh-so-smooth appearance!

I haven’t been using this long enough to give a fair evaluation but so far I am very impressed with the soap – it isn’t drying at all.  No allergies or bad reactions either – it is a rather lot of steps (more than I would usually go through) so let’s see if it pulls off!

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  1. Kristine says

    How’s the ettusais skincare line going for you? I’m tempted to get the whole line as well coz I recently have a problem with my somewhat dry-combination skin and getting breakouts from the lightest moisturizers…Pls pls let me know how your skin is doing! :)

    • Row says

      Hey Kristine

      Ettusais was OK but not amazing. I have dry-combo skin too in the winter at the moment I am trying out some other skincare range so I’ll let you know how I get on with that.