Art Deco Autumn Collection

Art Deco is a lovely brand, excellent value and good quality.

The boyf did something useful that didn’t involve eating and went down to the local salon to pick up the Art Deco Autumn/Winter eyeshadows.

The model is stunning! The turquoise is nothing like on the picture, it is not so vivid.


URBAN CHIC is the new ARTDECO Fashion Colors collection for the Fall/Winter 2008/09. Smoky petrol and sensual shades of berry supply the new trend make-up with a vibrant energy and seductive extravagance. Combined with neutral grey and light nude shades, they get a cosmopolitan chic.

Artdeco Couture.jpg

Here is the limited edition case – £10. It can hold four shadows or one blush and 1 shadow. I would have preferred it if it could hold 5 shadows or one blush and 2 shadows.


There are 4 shadows – a nude, matte stone colour (No. 514) a turquoise (No. 266) a shimmery plum (no. 288) and a metallic black. (no. 03).

All Art Deco shadows have a number. Tis always a bit hard to keep track of shadows when they are numbered especially if they are in a case.




These aren’t crazy pigmented. But the texture is like BUTTAH. These are grown up shadows, darhling, these are smooth, creamy and grown up sophisticated. They cost £4 each and can be kept separate to in a case.

This was a really nice purchase and for the price, £26 including the case, it’s a really nice winter palette.

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