Bloom in Superdrug!

I was just thinking about the Aussie beauty brand Bloom a while ago when lo and behold, I walk into a Bloom counter in my local Superdrug!

I was always fond it it when it was in the Uk a few years back although in my humblest opinion, there’s nothing spectacular about the brand. It’s ok. And it’s not that cheap either.

Bloom Cosmetics - cosmetics, makeup, beauty.jpg

If Superdrug want to sell lip gloss that costs £12 and powders that cost £20 then they need to seriously sort out their horrible displays.

Anyway, I NEED Bloom gloss in Tangerine. Kylie wears it here:

I suggest you use MUTE when watching this video. The tangerine gloss if £8. I had it in my hand, but the boyf came along and lectured me about buying too many lipglosses and dumped it somewhere near the nappy rash cream display.

The injustice!

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