Review: Sleek Safari Palette & Acid Eyeshadow Palette

Sleek make up as a range for darker skins but I should say that its for all skintones, but also caters for darker skinned ladies too.

They have a number of palettes which contain 12 colours which are BRILL. (I can’t think of another word other than brill…) They cost £4.88 each, are quite often on offer (3 for 2 in Superdrug) and are very soft, very pigmented.

(This blog has swatches and reviews from all the other palettes, Original, Storm, Chaos etc.)

Looks like Sleek are gonna run with this and create a number of limited edition palettes which is fine by me.

Safari is released on the 8th July in Superdrug and consists of a number of browns and greens. Greens remind me of trees, the browns of poos, the yellows of sun. A red would have been fun, yes? like a toucan! (Are toucan even on Safari? The Lion King says yes)

sleek jungle.jpg

The colours are slightly more vivid than on this photo. All are beautiful and pigmented, especially the more metallic greens.

sleek safari.jpg

Then there is the Limited edition ACID palette, which is out now – if you can find it. Here’s a tip – check whats in the box when you buy. Really. The amount of times I’ve had a shattered set is…quite a lot so do check before you take it home. The Sleek shadows are quite softly pressed and the Superdrug crowd seem to love to poke their grubby hands into things.

DSC02642 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg


sleek neon.jpg

Matte brights will always be a little harder to translate from pan to skin but these are not bad at all. Certainly buildable and will be bolder with a dot of water. The pink and orange are especially nice!

Verdict: Grab them if you can!

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  1. Chica says

    I have the main 3 and love,love,love them.
    I think they all have a black so I can’t remember which one it was in but it was completely shattered. Didn’t know until I’d opened it while I was sat on my bed – it went EVERYWHERE, looked like I went to bed covered in soot or something, still have the faint gray patches where Vanish tried and tried but couldn’t get it out!
    Word of warning – open somewhere other than your bed/couch/over your clothes :/

  2. Christie says

    OMG! I have to have the Acid palette… Looks like I’m going to be taking a trip to Edinburgh =D x x x

  3. Stick says

    hey this is a great post, i love all sleek make up especially the eye shadows, the colours have a lovely richness and depth which a lot of other brands of eyeshadow don’t have. Some of the palettes have really vibrant colors, the acid palette is my favourite and available for just under £5 Bargain!!!!