Review: Eyeko 3 in 1 cream, Big Eyes Tube Mascara, Strawberry Fat Balm and Polish

Eyeko means Love. Now go and tell your boyfriend that you “Eyeko” him.

I remember noticing Eyeko for the first time back when it first launched in 2000. I was a kid who loved cute looking make up and I remember checking out the fat balms and mascara and thinking it cost way too much – it was sold in high end department stores back then and for a higher cost (from what I remember about £9 for a mascara).

Eyeko is now sold in Superdrug – it doesn’t even warrant its own stand these days – but it seems to have been given a slightly new look, new feel and new demographic. And it works.

I tested out four products from the range – the 3 in 1 cream, a nail polish, a fat balm and the mascara:


I was very surprised by this mascara. Apparently this has vitamin B which keeps the lashes conditions – I didn’t have lots of hope for this because I find most Western brands make my lashes flop like crazy. I did get slight flopping with this mascara, but it ultimately it did hole the root of the lashes, despite the fact it is a HEAVY mascara. It added volume well and I really like the brush – it helps prevent clumping.

Costs £5

Next was the Strawberry Fat Balm. I am not so keen on stick cream blushers – I never apply them directly on the face as I find it moves the make up underneath. I especially hate Tarte’s cheek stain thingies – never did get to love them even though I got a set. But I digress….


There are three of these – Strawberry (pink) Raspberry (more purple) and Minty (iridescent pink). I just read the description online and apparently this is also for the lips. I just applied them to my cheek WITH A BRUSH. And it was just lovely and sheer. I want to get the pink one too. Costs £5.




Eyeko Cream 3 in 1 – highlighting, eye cream and moisturiser.

It’s like a highlighting, reflective cream with vitamin A, E and C. You can use it without a foundation if you have good skin or as a highlighter.


This is a pretty cream and you only need a BIT. My only criticism of it is that it dries fairly quick – if you are spot applying be careful to use a bit and blend blend blend. Or you will look like a disco ball.

I want the Bronze version so much! Costs £5.



Nail Polish:

The Eyeko Nail Polish is SO cute –

Eyeko Makeup_ Manga Makeup & Eyeko Mascara & Glow Cream UK.jpg

This is the perfect gift for any teenage girl! I got Punk Polish:


I love the colour of this polish – its great for summer. Infact I want the pretty and pastel polishes too and I just ADORE the packaging and the concept behind them.

However – as utterly cute as the jar is, the opening of it is quite wide, not like a traditional nail polish jar. So if you knock it over unwittingly, it will spill everywhere. You have to be extra careful to not be messy and also the clean off the brush so you don’t take out too much product.

As much as I loved the colour, I found the finish too matte. The pink dried to dry looking matte polish, so a top coat is essential for shine and long lasting qualities.

All in all, I really like what I have tried at eyeko and there are some bits and pieces I want to try out. The price range doesn’t seem to go over £5 and shipping is free online.

You can shop here. If you use the following Eyeko Offer Code: E2988 you will get a free with your order.

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  1. Amira says

    I have tried a few Eyeko products and was quite happy with the Fat Balms. But the Punk Polish is a pain to apply, it’s streaky, needs at least three coats to gain any semblance of opacity and takes ages to dry properly. I don’t really mind the matte finish as I always use a top coat anyway.
    The red polish, however, applies like a dream, needs one or two coats and dries in a normal time frame. It’s also great for Konad nail art. Definitely the best red I’ve ever owned.
    I’ll probably get more stuff soon and try out their other polishes. Thanks for the great review, the highlighter/cream looks less scary (i.e. shimmery) than I expected.

    • Row says

      Hi Amira

      I didn’t find Punk Polish that great either, although in the jar it is gorgeous. I guess its a bit hit and miss here..hmmm must test out more.

      The highlighter is quite nice I wouldn’t use it as an all over cream though….too glistening!

    • Row says

      Hey Nikki

      The mascara is really fun, but I’ve noticed it getting a bit clumpy…already