Review: Estee Lauder TurboLash Vibrating Mascara

I love technology. I love progress, that’s why, I love seeing how the world changes. Whilst my friends carried around mobiles that resembled bricks “I just wanna make calls, innit“, I had the smallest, swishy ones – not to show off but because I like itty bitty multi tasking gadgets.

I also love justifying crazy make up purchases because I’m a beauty blogger. Could I say now to a crazy purchase (A £28 mascara! Eek!) that was also on the edge of technology?! (Vibrating!?!?!…

turbo lash estee lauder.jpg

An expensive vibrator…hmmm…..

So after you’ve banned the kids from going to ballet for 3 weeks so you could buy this mascara, you get this in the box – a very old school looking mascara (cheap, somewhat lightweight plastic but I do like the bumble bee pattern) and the battery which is actually the end of the tube:

turbo lash.jpg

The EL label sits at the end of the battery pack:

estee lauder turbo lash.jpg

If pictures of batteries turn you on:

turbo lash-1.jpg

Slot this into the end of the mascara (there’s only one way it can go). Keep the blue tab on the outside then push it down firmly. When you are ready to use the mascara, pull the blue tab! Then we are off:

estee lauder turbo lash-1.jpg

As soon as the buzzing started my nosiest cat came over to inspect. Now, lets get to the nitty gritty…

The Brush

the brush is a traditional brush, nothing wacky here. It quite a bristly one, neither too big or too small – I am guessing the focus has been kept on the good vibrations. Its a good enough brush though not extraordinary. I do like the slightly point tip for corners of the eyes.

The Vibration

Its confusing. I think Lancome’s oscillating mascara came out first, and I remember someone telling me how it doesn’t spin round like in my fantasy, it just buzzes…like my toothbrush I guess.

This one is the same, it buzzes and vibrates, it doesn’t turn or anything like that. Am I the only one who was confused by this when these kinds of mascaras first came out?! At least the name ‘vibrating’ is less confusing than ‘oscillating’.

But oh yes, is it any good – well………

The Texture

Creamy, black. Not too thick or too thin.  More likely to give a separated lash effect.


Volume? Medium. Holding curl? A little. Lengthening? Yes. Nice separation? Very.

The Price

Shoot me now – its £28.

estee lauder mascara turbo lash vibrating.jpg


One coat – nice separation and thats all:

estee lauder turbo lash-2.jpg

Two coats – much better, thicker and longer. A bit of a push and it enhanced the curl a bit:

estee lauder turbo lash-3.jpg

Front View:

estee lauder vibrating mascara.jpg


Well, its the most expensive mascara I have ever bought and I am learning to love it. I think I need to practice the technique a bit more. Yes, its a decent enough mascara but it will take time to love for now. I am just getting used to the vibrating brush and the best way to build up volume.

Its a tad dry in texture I found but it gives amazing separation.

It might work for someone women – you probably need longer and better behaved lashes than me though.

Having said that, there will always be a use for things that vibrate. I just hope this doesn’t start off when its in my bag in a busy place. Try explaining that to the other passengers….”It’s just my mascara vibrating….”

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  1. Konnie says

    Oh I just realised that you had posted the vibrating mascara review I was looking forward to and I somehow missed it!

    Well, after reading it, I think I’m going to pass on Oscillator, (the Lancome version of this) that I had my eye on. They really are ridiculously expensive, aren’t they? I was hoping that the vibrating action would perform some kind of a miracle but…I guess I’m gonna stick to good old Max Factor’s Masterpiece (my fave drug store mascara!)

    • Row says

      Hey Konnie

      Yeah its….really nothing to right home about and whats annoying, I was in the office alone the other day and I wanted to apply some mascara but I couldn’t bring myself to get it out (it makes a loud buzzing noise) if someone walked in (and I work with men) it would be tooo tooo tooo annoying to explain!

  2. Konnie says

    Haha good point! 😀
    I love your nails btw! They even match the Estee Lauder colors, hehehe!