Review: Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara

I got a few samples of the Giorgio Armani Mascara, Eyes to Kill a few weeks ago.

armani mascara-2.jpg

I can’t remember how much exactly this mascara is, but I am sure that it is around the £20 mark which I think makes it expensive in my eyes for a product which ultimately, doesn’t last that long.

My mini tester!

girgio armani eyes to kill mascara.jpg

The brush is rather nice, a medium sized bristle brush – no gimmicks here.

Armani eyes to kill.jpg

From the top, the brush seems to have a kind of edge to it – this could be my imagination but I wouldn’t say its a perfectly round shape.

armani mascara-1.jpg

But talk is cheap – how does it look on the eyes?

You know, I’m glad I’ve had a few weeks to play about with this mascara, because based on initial testing, I would have just this a Meh. But actually – its a very very good mascara.


armani mascara.jpg

Remember I am still lash permed up so I can’t rate this on ability to hold curl in my current state.

One coat:

giorgio armani mascara eyes to kill-1.jpg

Oooh its nice. It reminds me of YSL Singulier in terms of results – long length, a bit of volume, separated lashes.

Even though there is a lot of length on there, this mascara isn’t fibery (something that annoys me about Japanese mascaras – many of them are fibery and thus irritate my eyes).

giorgio armani mascara.jpg

There is a little bit of flaking with this product – ever so slightly, at the end of a long, long day, there are some flakes and a bit of smudging. It isn’t a waterproof mascara, so its doing ok cos my face is mega dry:

Lashes are nicely separated:

giorgio armani mascara eyes to kill.jpg

In many ways, this mascara performs as many of the high end ones I have bought over the years do – the Chanels, the Lancomes, the YSLs, the Diors – all perform well but sure do cost £££.


I’ve had this in my make up bag for weeks and I do really like it – so easy to use so effortless. Yet something is stopping me from thinking that I need the full size product once it dries out – its very very very good but there’s something missing that makes me want to plonk £20 down for it.

And besides…there are always newer, shiner mascaras to test…

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  1. Lisa says

    The mascara looks nice. I’m curious to find out if it actually holds the curl.

    Have you tried Bare Minerals Buxom mascara? I love it! It lengthens, volumizes, and holds the curl for a long time. I bought a mascara favorites sampler from Sephora, and the Buxom mascara was included. I found myself reaching it whenever I did my makeup, and it is now my go-to mascara. Definitely recommend it, especially since you’re looking for a mascara that holds a curl.