Quick Beauty Gifts from Trish McEvoy; All Dressed Up Collection & Mobile Beauty

It’s gift selection day; admittedly the only person in my household who looks at cosmetics as gifts is…me! But that’s ok, I love gifting (I end up with 3-4 presents for everyone I buy for) but I don’t tend to end up with many (I’m fussy apparently!).

Anyway, onwards with the gifts! One of my favourite brands at the moment is Trish McEvoy.

I think the products will suit ladies who like and appreciate quality make up! Also good for people who like the Bobbi Brown type sophisticated, understated make up.

Some Christmas gift suggestions:


Image from the All Dressed Up Collection

Mobile Beauty Emergency Collection


Combining the convenience of on the go makeup and tools with multiple pockets to stylishly carry what you need for the day, this collection includes Beauty Emergency card 5 colour face and lip palette plus 2 compatible luxury Lucite – handled brushes.Trish Brushes are brilliant, have to test these first and see if they match up but I think the blush and lip thing is a good idea – it’s sort of the products you would actually want a top up of during the day.

Price £55

The Cloud 9 Dream Fragrance Collection

Trish’s coveted Cloud 9 Fragrance Collection features #9 Blackberry and Vanilla Musk fragrance 50 ml, a limited edition #9 pocketable fragrance , and a wild Blueberry Vanilla Candle 3oz. Complete the fantasy with a kiss of Irresistible Pink Lip Gloss for the fullest looking pout.


Cloud 9 is one of my FAVOURITE scents – all the Trish girls always smell of it and it’s so unique, I haven’t smelt anything else even close.


Pocketable Fragrance

Pocketable Fragrances available in Sexy 4 gardenia, #9 Blackberry and Vanilla Musk and Sexy 9 Blackberry and Vanilla Musk.


I love scents you can carry with you (maybe I just smell) and since I don’t own Cloud 9 YET, I think I may pick up one of these as a little treat for…er…teaching the cat to open the door.

£20 each

The Classic Brush Set

The brush set you have been waiting for is here! 8 Essential Brushes from Trish’s iconic selection


I have mentioned before, my deep love for Trish McEvoy brushes but they ARE expensive investment pieces. (I still need to buy the M20 brush!).

If you feel like treating someone this set is £175 – considering I paid nearly £40 for one brush last time, it’s not a bad price for so many. They are exceptional in terms of quality.


Beauty Emergency card for Lips in Be Prepared Pink!

A season’s worth of 8 Trish Gloss favourites leave your lips beaming while supporting Girls Scouting* takes care of the smile. All proceeds go to Girl’s Scouts America.

Lip Glosses in Tropical Nude, Baby Doll, Pink, and Rosette, and Beauty Booster™ SPF 15 Lip Glosses in Very Sexy, Sexy Petal, Sexy Peach, and Brightening Pink.


I will never be a big lover of lip palettes (unless they are part of multi use set, ie. have a blush, or shadows with them). I do think this is a super cute pink palette though, and nearly everyone can wear pink! also the proceeds go to charity.

Does anything catch your eye?

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