Japanese Beauty Invention: KATE Mascara Eyeliner Thing

I thought this was a rather bonny invention from Kate Cosmetics. What is it? I don’t know!

KATE Mascara shiseido-1.jpg

This pen is like a firm felt tip liner. At first I thought it was a mascara. I did actually use it as a mascara to fill in the end lashes and it was ok. But my conclusion is that its a liner that you can wiggle into the base of your lashes to add some colour.

How clever is that?

The unique brush:

KATE Mascara Japan.jpg

This brush is ideal for filling in that gap between where you put your liner and your lashes! You can of course, tightline but some people are very squeamish about putting product on under the lashes. This product means you don’t actually have to poke that far….

It takes some getting used to! Wiggle wiggle wiggle. As mentioned earlier I used it as a mascara, thinking thats what its for but no, its liner, like a felt tip but not too liquid. I am guessing anything too wet would run like mad.

KATE Shiseido Mascara.jpg

See my rather poor efforts…

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So it adds a lot of depth.

This kind of product is really useful (although not 100% necessary) – if you want that really really clean, polished, natural look, this pen will work a treat.

It makes your lashes look thicker too.

KATE Shiseido Mascara-1.jpg


Takes a while to get used too, its a bit fiddly, its not 100% necessary if you can tightline, but theres less chance of eye watering accidents with this pen than with a brush and a cake liner (or however you tightline).

It cost me about £8 from Adambeauty.com, well worth a play!

Can you read it?

KATE Mascara.jpg
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  1. Alix says

    I think it’s rather genius, myself! I’ve never heard the term ‘tightline’ before — you mean lining the top lid from under the lashes, on the waterline?

  2. says

    I need that product! I never tightline because it makes me squeamish. I know you could probably get a similar effect by dotting a pencil liner between lashes but that would be slower than this, plus pencil smudges on me.

  3. Gigi says

    Hm, I really want this! How’s the staying power on this liner? Any smudging at all?

    VERY rough translation
    – Something about “natural eye line”
    – Use the pen’s pointy end to gently press into areas between your lashes and fill in with the pen
    – When you’re done, you’re left with a naturally defined eye, with the effect of making them look bigger
    – Long-lasting waterproof type. When removing, use makeup remover intended for eyes, and (or?) warm water at 40 degrees Celsius to gently remove liner.

  4. says

    thank god for a review on this.

    Bought it during my Tokyo trip in November. Saw this on countless beauty magazines and had to have it. Unfortunately I’ve no idea how this is used! Lucky yours has mandarin instructions I can read.

  5. kiwikeely says

    LOL, I was about to give you a translation of this, but I saw someone who did that already in the previous replies, so I guess I won’t bother…