Product Rave: Dr Lewinn’s Private Formula Line Smoothing Complex S8 Super Hydrator Review

Something rare happened this week. I….I….I finished a skincare product. This happens so rarely. Only the best keep my attention for long enough and I didn’t want to throw the bottle away without telling you how fab it is.

Dr Lewinn’s Private Formula is a unassuming skincare range from Australia and it isn’t one that really captured my imagination at first glance. But I have used a number of their products over 9 months (giving it a real good test!) and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a brilliant skincare range.


Dr Lewinn’s Line Smoothing Comples S8 Super Hydrator is a clear moisturise with a similar texture of glycerine – watery but not thin – and despite it’s light texture, it is a brilliant moisturiser. I mean, my skin is dry but I can use this on it’s own, no problems.

This product offers:

– 24 Hour Hydation
– Oil Free
– Good to use with companion products
– Anti Aging with ingredients like B5, Sodium Hyaluronate and Snap-8.

The Anti Aging element of this product worried me, anything too full of peptide this and that always makes my skin flake and irritated.
Luckily, this product didn’t irritate me at all! It leaves my skin looking firmer, brighter and pores refined.

Most of all I am impressed by the hydration. It’s so completely hydrating but it sinks in beautifully and it is all you need to keep the moisture in.

Seriously – if it wasn’t good I wouldn’t have finished it.

I found this product really complimented whatever else I was testing at the time too – various serums over the lat few months and was my permanent go to product for dryness.


I got this as a sample but I will 100% purchase this as my winter back up item (no matter what else I am testing I always find use for this item) and would highly recommend it to people with dry skin who want something super light on the skin and also want the added bonus of anti- ageing ingredients.

Buy it here for £40 – I think they also sell this range in Debenhams.

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