Pregnancy Fraudster: Mum to be Organics Stretch Mark Oil

Yah, don’t get too excited. I was looking in the baby section of Boots the other day and spotted this cute little bottle of body oil from Little Me Organics (even babies are getting in on the act) – its actually a stretch mark oil but I wanted it because I

a. Loved the smell and

b. It was half price!

mum to be organics stretch mark oil.jpg

I did feel like a fraud though and tragically enough, after a large Chicken Pho and Frozen Yoghurt for lunch, I probably did look like a mum to be.

They say:

A highly effective body oil packed with powerful nutrients and goodness. Rose hip and borage oils traditionally used to help reduce stretch marks, have been carefully blended with sunflower oil, high in essential fatty acids to help retain its elasticity and tone. Your skin is ready to expand without discomfort.

It smells like Terry’s Chocolate Orange. I can’t think about them without thinking about Dawn French.

The ingredients are pretty good too – no nasty additives:

Mum to be stretch mark oil.jpg

I’ve been using it as a moisturiser after a shower and its lovely, just lovely! Smells gorgeous and is really hydrating – it does take a second to sink in though but then you just glow.

Buy from Boots – but instore as its half price there at £4.50 rather than the usual £6.99!

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