3 in 1 Mascara! Rimmel 1-2-3 Looks Mascara Review

When I saw this cute little mascara in Boots I couldn’t resist.

This 3 in 1 mascara from Rimmel reminded me of one Avon released a while ago where you could select what kind of mascara look you wanted.

Didn’t work, like, but the idea was there.

Rimmel _ New Products _ New 1-2-3 Looks Mascara.jpg

The 1-2-3 Looks mascara comes in a little tube that can be twisted so you can choose what level of drama you want.

Level 1 gives you up to three times more volume – a subtly seductive daytime look. If you’re looking for more volume, turn the dial to 2 for up to five times fuller lashes. And for the ultimate wow factor, switch to level 3 – that’s up to 10 times more volume.

Rimmel 3 2 1 Mascara .jpg

Clearly there’s been some oafs testing this because there’s various safety stickers on the tube telling you not to push it too far:

Rimmel 3 2 1 Mascara -1.jpg

And another one:

Rimmel 3 2 1 mascara.jpg

The brush is quite a thick, stumpy thing – almost square. I am not a fan of super full brushes purely because I don’t have the lash for it! Smaller brushes work best for me.

Rimmel 3 2 1 Mascara-1.jpg

The centre of the tube twists one way – you’d have to yank it quite hard to push it past ‘3’.

Rimmel 3 2 1 Mascara-2.jpg

No Mascara:

Rimmel 3 2 1 mascara-3.jpg

Using Level 1 – lashes are separated and its does quite a good job with a curl.

Rimmel 3 2 1 Mascara-4.jpg

Level 2 adds more length and thickness, bot on me my lashes started to flop.

Rimmel mascara 3 2 1 .jpg

On Level 3 – its true, there’s definitely more thickness going on and I can honestly see how this could look amazing on some peoples lashes – just not on mine. They make them sort of – depressed….

Rimmel MAscara 3 2 1 -1.jpg

From the front:

Mascara Rimmel 3 2 1 .jpg

So as you can see, totally BLAH on me. Nice idea though and since I’ve spent £6 on it, I will keep using it on Level 1 perhaps.

Tried this mascara? Had a better experience?

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  1. says

    *hugs your lashes*

    (Get it? Because they’re depressed.)

    *runs away before anyone can shake their finger at me for the bad pun*

  2. liloo says

    i was already in a bad mood before reading this as I was judging the product from the picture (as difference between picture 1,2, and 3 on the model is that she has thicker eyeliner and that the lashes are digitally enhanced) and now it confirms my thoughts. this reminds me of the wonderbra they did it some point, and then you can change how much cleavage you want, something like, ‘tease’ (level 1) ‘seductress (level 2) and total ho (level 3). now why why why would you want to use level 1 and level 2 when you can fuller lashes (leve 3) (apparently) straight from the start?
    reminds me also of those stupid cartoons, when a hero has a superpower in an episode but he only uses the full strenght at the end. Just it as the start and bad cartoon ends already after 5 minutes. bam.
    I’d better go before I ramble and rant on for more more
    did i state i started my diet yesterday?

  3. says

    I quite liked it! Have pretty abundant lashes as it is and reckoned the twistyness is a total gimmick but it does give loads of volume – which has a tendency to flake after a bit so prob best for night. For cheapo volume thought, thought it was grand!

  4. Julia says

    Well I was in Priceline (the australian version of boots to a degree) and bought this as it was only $9.95. Tested it this morning on the 3 and am quite unimpressed. The brush is really difficult to use but with a few coats its not too bad. Maybe a mascara for false lashes?

  5. Rimmelaholic says

    i bought this for 7 euros in sam mcCauleys, its a BRILLIANT cosmetic.
    ive used it so many times now and i cant get enough of level 2!!! level 1 is too light and level 3 is fake-lash effective which is not me, but level 2 is perfect for a casual look :)

  6. Mizuto says

    that’s cute… i love that.. look how pretty your lashesbut it’s very very hard to find rimmel in my hometown. or.. maybe in my country.. :((