Stain in a stick? Cosmetics a la Carte Cheek Ice in Papaya Review

I am definitely a cream/liquid blush kinda gal, more so than a powder one because my skin is a little dry, I love the dewy glow they give.

Tints are lovely too – they tend to be more sheer than cream blushers, but they do set and last for a long time, even though they are sheerer.  Another advantage of tints is that they can be used on the lips without looking dry and chalky.

Cosmetics a la Carte’s Cheek Ice is a stain in a stick – it’s like a tint but also a balm.  It can be used on the eyes, cheeks and lips, but I don’t think it’s the type of hue to use on the eyes!

Cosmetics a la carte flush blusher stick

Cheek Ice comes in 3 shades, Blackberry (a deep purple/plum), Bronze, Damson (pink) and Papaya (red coral). I have Papaya here which reminds me of Benetint – a rosy shade that is quite flattering without being too red.

Looking at the product, it reminds me a lot of Tarte’s cheek stains (I had a couple from the US but I didn’t keep them for long because they were a little greasy).

This has that same sort of leaking colour on the sides!

It’s almost transparent:

Cosmetics a la carte Cheek Ice Papya

There’s no doubting that this is a very sheer product.  It leaves the lightest hint of colour on your cheeks – it swatches worse than it actually applies on the cheek for some reason as I could get this to show up nicely on my cheeks, but not so much on my hand.

The texture is nice – reminds of a lip balm. There was a moment when I though it would be to greasy but it does settle and look glowy – not matte, but not too shiny. It definitely works well on the lips, better than a liquid tint which I find drying.

On my hand:
Cosmetics a la carte cheek ice papaya

The product is oil free which is great as it doesn’t break me out at all. Nars Multiple, for example gives me little bumps (although I still collect them!).

I do like this product although it’s a bit unusual. It’s very sheer, a bit too sheer for me day to day but I find it easier to use than a liquid tint as it doesn’t stain your skin or fingers.  So for me it’s an alternative to a liquid stain, something easier to use and more hydrating on the lips but it wouldn’t replace a nice cream/mousse blusher. It’d be great for a holiday though!

On the face:

Cosmetics a la carte cheek ice blusher

You get 8g for this for £25 so it’s not cheap but I really don’t see how you’d use this up in a hurry unless you were eating it.

You can see the product here.

*Press sample

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  1. Jen says

    I was having difficulty trying to see the swatch on your hand! can just about see it if you squint and concentrate on the contrast difference lol I think for the princely sum of £25 there’ll be other products out there that do the same, however it does give a very pretty, natural, flushed look on your pic :)