Number One Q & A: Readers Questions Answered (sorta)

At some point I will go through 238123 comments and reply to them I promise. Its difficult keeping up with as I am so busy in my day to day life too, so forgive me! You can always send me an email if you need an answer to a question or comment on this post.

So, here are are the first lot of readers questions! I’ve posted them here, however random so hopefully it will help more than one person.

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Roll up, roll up! Let’s begin on our first ever…..Reader’s Questions!

From Misty:

“I was googling about RMK eyeshadows and came across with your
post about them…I was wondering if you knew if this RMK is still making
those awesome looking metallic eyeshadows? And what internet stores
are selling them?”

Hey Misty!

Do you know there are so many love songs that one could sing to you with a name like Misty?

Anyway in regards to RMK. I’m not sure where in the world you are but RMK is only sold in Asia and the UK. You can order online via shops like (not the whole range), (expensive) and also good old eBay. A lot of sellers have access to the whole range, so you can ask them for shades they don’t have online.

Now – the metallic eyeshadows you are referring to – the ones I own were discontinued last year and replaced with a new range of similar shadows but in new shades. The new metallics are just as…well metallic as the old ones so I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding something you want!

Checkout the official website for the shades or let me know if theres something specific you are looking for, perhaps I can advise.

From Carla:

“Just read your post re ebay. I sell occasionally & sold an eyeshadow last week. I bubble wrapped it etc & the buyer just emailed me to say it arrived totally smashed. So where do I stand on this, do I have to give a refund, even though I did package correctly?”

Hi Carla

Well…ok, can the recipient prove that the palette is smashed? Can you ask for a photo politely, just to prove it?

When I’ve received broken stuff out of courtesy I will send a photo.

The responsibility lies with the POST SERVICE. Presuming that the palette is really broken, the correct procedure (annoying for you though) is to refund the buyer and claim (using your receipt) for the cost of the item, using evidence like the photos, or even the palette if the buyer sends it back. You can ask the buyer if they are happy to claim for the item themselves if u send a receipt. Some will say yes, some will say no. If they so no, then legally, you should be the one to do it but some buyers don’t mind.

A real pain I know, but this is the correct procedure. Blame the bloomin’ post! I got 3 eyeshadow palettes CRACKED this week alone. The seller was a store so they are sending replacements but as an individual, thats just not possible.

Hope this helps!

From Katey:

“Do you know where i can buy cleopatra nose lifter? you might be
selling one. im willing to buy. thank you?”

Hi Katey

No I don’t sell them – look on eBay – they are being sold for as little as £2. Just type in Nose Shaper, or Nose Lifter – most of the sellers are in China or Hong Kong.


From Michele:


Can you please tell me if Aldi’s still stocks the Lacura Wrinkle Stop Cream? If not can you please tell me a distributor in Australia (Melbourne)?

Hi Michele

Yes Aldi still make and stick the Lacura Wrinkle Stop but it sells out super quick and is very popular.

All I can suggest if you want it is to call Aldi HQ directly and see if they can send out to you – Tel. 01827 711800 (country code +44).

From Lolo:

Dear Bow[sic], Please help.
Looking for Nudy and Silara from your Blackhead Solutions Blog. Will
do anything.

Hi Lolo!

Thanks for all your emails – I replied but I am guessing you didn’t receive my emails. Anyway Nudy Nose pack you can buy from or eBay.

Silara I bought from eBay but the seller hasn’t got in in stock. If you email her and ask her she will got an buy it in and sell it to you via eBay. The eBay seller is – GINSENGSEAFOOD – shes very nice and professional.

Hope that helps!

From Inga:

Hi i want to ask, for what is skin illuminator, pink and peach
colours.When I have to use them?

Hi Inga

Pink brightens up dull skin, peach pretty much does the same but it depends on your skintone. Pink works quite well of paler skin, peach works well on warmer olive skintones. Its up to you – experiment and see which you prefer!

From Rachel:

I’m wondering if you could provide me with a brief update on your progress with the Herzog regime? Are you breaking out from it still or have you noticed a significant improvement?

I will do a evaluation for you in the week Rachel – I stopped breaking out from the routing but as I have finished quite a lot of the products I am ready to an assessment! Stay tuned!

From Kirsty:

I love your website blogs, you’re so funny and interesting! I totally agree word for word on what u say aswell! I was wondering, how did u create your website if u don’t mind me asking? I’d love to start one up as well and do blogs. Is it free of charge?

Thanks Kirsty

Will do a special post on this just for you, look out for it next week.

Oooh, personal questions!

From Mary:

Is Megan your daughter? Do you have kids?

Hi Mary

Megan is my cousin. I sometimes refer to her and her sister as the ‘kids’, I even refer to my cats as the ‘kids’ and sometimes a 12 pack of bacon as my ‘kids’ so please do not be confused.

I don’t, as of today, have any children, biological, adopted or step. When I am ready to unleash my spawn onto the world, which won’t be till Mr Candy has put a ring on it (my finger, and it better be weighed down substantially) and I have a fortress to call my own, you will know!

From Siu:

Are you going to marry Mr Candy?

See above question! Ring. Haircut (his, not mine). Then, yeah, let’s rock and roll!

From Kerry:

You seem close to your family, are you? Mine drive me insane.

I am indeed. You have to understand though that this is not a ‘love in’, its a normal family in terms of arguments, fist fights, debates but as you get older, you start to appreciate that your family will always be a pain in the a** but they’ll always be there for you. And sometimes, just sometimes your family may just be right?!…..

From T:

Can I have one of your cats?

You can have all of them if you send a prepaid envelope.

From Sherry:

Is it just you writing on Cosmetic Candy? How do you fit it all in with a job too?

Well I don’t have much of a work/life balance these days because my days are pretty much committed to various work projects…but I don’t mind. At the end of the day, you have to do what suits you and what feel right. If there’s a passion in life you feel that you must pursue, and you are good at it , then you will do it regardless of the sacrifices (like sleep!).

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t envy people who go to work, come home and then just have leisure time, but for me, I have very clear goals in my head and I’m happy to work very hard now and relax later on in life.

It also helps if you have a Mr Candy to calm you down, a Mother Candy to bring you food and Candy Cats to chew things up so you can start all over again.

Thanks for all your questions I’ll do another one of these soon. If I missed you question please do ask again in the comments/email and I’ll answer it when I can!

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