Palty Bubble Foam Hair Dye Swatch No. 8: Fresh Chocolate Waffles

Over the next 10 days I will be featuring some hair swatches of Palty Foam Hair Dyes I managed to get hold of!  You can use these as a guide as to how the hair colour should turn out although it will also depend on your current hair condition, colour etc.

To read more about my Dariya Palty Hair Dye experiences read here and here.

I can’t think of a better name for a hair dye then Fresh Chocolate Waffles.

Dariya Palty Japan Tready Bubble Hair Color Dye Kit | eBay

I love this imagery!! Her here looks fierce!

Of all the deeper browns in the Palty Collection, this is the nicest one. It looks darker on the box than on the swatch – I would say it is a relatively deep brown without being monotone or too flat:

Palty Bubble Foam Hair Dye Swatch No 8 Fresh Chocolate Waffles

There is a slight red tone to it but it’s there in the light, it’s not madly apparent otherwise:

Palty Bubble Foam Hair Dye Swatch No 8 Fresh Chocolate Waffles 1

This is a really nice rich chocolate brown, one of those shades I slap on when I am fed up of my hair being brassy and orange.  You have to be careful to apply this well and evenly because darker shades can end up patchy when you use a mousse, unless you make sure everything is covered:

Palty Bubble Foam Hair Dye Swatch No 8 Fresh Chocolate Waffles 2

What do you think of Fresh Chocolate Waffles?
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  1. Melon says

    I just found your hair dye reviews looking for some information about Japanese dye… Maybe you could give me some advice? I’m a white girl living in Japan with light brown hair, I want to go darker (not to black, just brown) and don’t currently have the time to go to the salon (nevermind the one time I had my hair colored at the salon he kind of fudged it up anyway…). In the US I would usually get some kind of semi-permanent because roots are a pain to deal with.

    Which brings me to my questions, what brand would you recommend for just going darker? From your review here it sounds like Palty might be a great option, any other suggestions? Are there brands that make semi-permanent dyes (28 shampoos for example)? I do plan on going out to the stores to try to figure it out, but I’m paranoid that I don’t know what I’m doing… I might be able to tell from looking at the boxes, so forgive me if my questions are way to simple!