Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector Serum LR2412 Review

It’s difficult testing a product which promises so much and has been so regularly hyped in the press (Pippa Middleton this, waiting list that).  I was sent a bottle of Lancome Visionnaire before it was officially launched to test out and I did wait a week or so before my skin had settled down before starting to incorporate it into my routine, before my moisturiser.

What does this serum do?

Wrinkles appear reduced, pores appear minimised.  Skin tone is more even, as if corrected.

So it deals with: Wrinkles, Pores and Evenness.
Sexy bottle and lovely blue colour scheme:

Lancome Visionnaire Correcteur Serum 1

Why the LR2412? Because that’s how many attempts it took for the Scientists at Lancome to develop a formula they were happy with.

Honestly? I am scared of using any skincare which promises to be at the edge of technology – I wonder if my sensitive skin can take it.

I have never used Lancome’s other huge Serum, Genifique – but apparently that is for anti-aging for women 35+ whereas Visionnaire can be used on women of all ages and skin types – because pores and un-evenness affects young women too, right?

Here is the serum, which is very light weight, like a gel.  It has a white/pink pearl going through it which adds a brightening touch to the skin.

My first few uses I experienced slight itching.  It went away soon enough but then I experienced flaking – quite a lot of small pieces of dry skin coming off which stopped after 2 weeks.

Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector Serum Review

There is something about Lancome skincare which I am not a fan of; the fragrance.  On one hand it has a lot of nostalgic memories for me as my mother used to have some Lancome skincare and I can remember the signature scent the product has because I could smell it on her cheek. But otherwise, anything that is that heavily perfumed tends to make my skin uncomfortable.
Also if it is too strong, it gives me a headache! Unfortunately, Visionnaire is heavy scented like other Lancome Skincare. I would love it if they did a unscented range but it is pretty strong, even though I only had to use a small amount of this product each time.
The serum:

Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector Serum Review 1


After 12 weeks of using this serum I have both positive and negative thoughts about this product….

On one hand the product has a lovely texture. It sinks in quickly and doesn’t feel like a burden on the skin.  I noticed my skin looked better in terms of brightness and tone; it didn’t fade out any pigmentation I had but there was a general clarity which was improved. I continued to get odd spots; I wonder if my skin reacted to this product at all because I got spots in places I don’t usually.

On the negative, I don’t like any strong fragrance in skincare and this is quite strong, Also I didn’t see a massive difference pore wise.  It helped those areas look smoother, but I didn’t see a massive reduction in the actual size; so this product may be good if you want clarity and a finer texture but not so much for pore size. I guess there isn’t one serum that does EVERYTHING.

There is also the initial stage where your skin gets used to it; mine tolerated the product properly after a few weeks but you may find it takes longer or no time at all! I wouldn’t have continued with this had I experienced any patches of flaking, redness, pain or stinging.

At £57 for 30ml I don’t think it is that badly priced for a high end serum (buy it here from Boots).  I would def get a sample before buying a full size if possible just to make sure you don’t react to it (if you have sensitive skin).  It worked fine on my skin type which is dry – oily – sensitive – a bit of everything.

Have you tried Lancome Visionnaire?

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  1. says

    I had heard good things about this but I would be primarily looking for a serum to shrink my pores and control oiliness and this doesn’t look like it is the one for me, plus I’m not one for heavily scented products.

    • Row says

      Hi Victoria

      Not sure if this would control oiliness!! As for pores, it is supposed to shrink them but I don’t think it makes a massive difference – it does a bit, but not hugely…

  2. says

    Yes!! I like Lancome products but their skincare smells stronger than some perfumes I own >_< I'm trying to get through a cleanser of theres that smells way too strongly and it's such a bother!

    • Row says

      Hi Sarah

      Yeah I’ve always felt their skincare was too perfumed for me they really should do a unfragranced line. The fragrancing is almost quite dated!