No. 1: Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

I have fallen in love with Korean brand Skinfood’s, er, skincare range again!

I had a dabble with it about a year ago and thought it was suprisingly meh – especially the Aloe BB cream I bought, but when I went away recently I took some sachets away with me that the seller have given me for free. And I liked it!

The thing is, I like unusual flavours and smells. I am always looking for something different and new, that works. If I had to choose between Strawberry, Vanilla and Rose or Carrot, Cider and Coriander, I’d choose the latter just because I would be so intrigued!

Since Skinfood has products like Hop Beer Cleanser, and Cheese Face Masks and Black Garlic Lotion, I’ve been buying lots of odd things to try from eBay (only odd bits though. The exchange rate is really terrible). Also their range is VAST, so you may want to do some investigations on the site before deciding what to buy? Me? I’ll take the weirdest stuff you’ve got, thanks!

This was the one of the sachets I took away with me which I liked so went away and bought the full size of:

Black Sugar Mask


To use, mix with a little water or toner (its VERY thick) and apply. Wait for 10-15 mins then wash off in circular motions.


You can really feel the SUGAR in this scrub. It is a very abrasive, coarse type scrub, a true exfoliating wash. For those with very sensitive skin, this may not be the best choice (although you can water it down further). I personally loved it because I have been looking for something with really good, deep cleansing scrubby qualities. Nearly everything I buy these days have a few grains in lots of lotion or cream, which isn’t what I want when I buy a scrub.

Obviously, you don’t want to wear down the top layer of skin, you just want to use a light hand to gently exfoliate the around the oiler sections of the skin and avoid the eyes, your cheeks etc.

I like it a lot, so I’d recommend it for ladies with oiler/normal skin.

I’m going to review more skinfood in the next 2 weeks so stay tuned!

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  1. says

    Vanilla’s good but it’s so… blah. Every brand has something vanilla flavored/scented… coriander… now that’s interesting!

    • Row says

      Hey Abby

      I LOVE coriander, I’d try any beauty product with it in!!! I drew the line at Black Garlic though (I spotted a Skinfood cream with it in. I think Garlic is my limit).

  2. xKyu501x says

    I just used this! But with a slightly different method, to apply it directly on wet face (after cleansing) and massage in gentle circular motions. I massaged until the sugar grains melted! I washed it off and it revealed an oh-so-smooth skin which I haven’t felt for ages!

  3. says

    That’s definitely my favorite face scrub for an extra oily day…feels amazing afterwards and the texture is lovely! I must try the others! Like you said, it’s a true scrub and not lotion with rubbish grains that don’t do anything!