No. 2 – Skinfood Celery Soft Foaming Cleanser

Who would have thought that it would be so hard finding a decent cleanser?

Although a lot of cleansers will do, I haven’t found many spectacular ones.

I was obsessed with Cleansing Oils for a while, but nearly all of them made me feel quite dry – others gave me little bumps under the skin. My favourite of the cleansing oils is RMK’s but it still wasn’t ideal.

I also quite recently dabbled with Dr Nick Lowe’s Anti Blemish Range, which is quite good but neither the liquid cleanser (which is more like a toner) nor the foaming cleanser (which is very light) were deep cleansing enough for me.

I mentioned before that I like Skinfood and funny smells – what could be better than Skinfood’s Celery Soft Foaming Cleanser!


It looks like mayonnaise in a sauce bottle! I ike it.

Does it smell like celery? Well not exactly, but it does very much smell non-floral. It smells like the leaves of a celery plant, or freshly mown grass. It’s a very nice smell, not at all weird, and I actually look forward to using it!

The squeezy tube – use lightly as a lot of product comes out:


The cleanser itself is………excellent. Really really good.

Note, I have about 5 cleansers at any one time on my bathroom shelf. This left my skin feeling baby soft and smooth, with no irritation whatsoever. I normally have dryness even with gentle cream cleansers but none at all with this, so I am impressed.

I noticed when I bought it there was also a coffee version and chocolate foaming cleanser but I’m glad a choose celery (even though I hate celery in real life unless its in Chilli. Yes, I have celery in my chilli).

RECOMMENDED! You can find these on eBay for about £13.

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  1. says

    oooh this sounds gooood! Although I can’t imagine how celery would smell like as a cleanser..

    I just got a new wash from neutrogena and I love it! it’s a acne cream wash, and it works sooo well! it smells vaguely of cucumbers.. mm!