New in 2011! Kanebo Kate Gel Eyeshadow Compacts Swatches & Review

Gosh – I remember the days when the pound was so strong against the dollar that I could roll on to adambeauty and buy an eyeshadow in every shade. Those days are gone, for sure.

Nevertheless, when I saw Kanebo Kate’s newest gel eyeshadow offering I couldn’t resist picking up 4 shades. I love cream and gel eyeshadows!


Kate’s previous offering of gel eyeshadows were more of a dense mousse texture and came in a pot. They were EXCELLENT in terms of texture, pigmentation and durability.

Here is my pretty haul:#alttext#

These eyeshadows obviously vary from the old gel eyeshadows because these are compacts and have quite a solid texture. They’re not as rich as creams but not as light to touch as a mousse or jelly.

The packaging for these eyeshadows are cute and handy, a bit cheap feeling but perfectly acceptable.

Here are the shade range:


BR-1 is a chocolate brown with lots of gold sparkle:


GY-1 is a grey sparkle but very pale:


GN-1 is a mint green:


PU-1 is a medium purple:


My opinion on the texture of these is that they are quite hard (you need to really swirl to get the product on to your finger) and it’s a little on the waxy side which I do not like.

They’re all glittery – they will all leave you looking sparkly so really, it’s more of a extremely sheer colour wash with shimmer, more than anything. I’d say this works better as a top coat than a base.

Also the waxy texture means it won’t set – over the day it does crease although because there is barely any texture, it looks ok.



Hmm. See how sheer they are? Apart from BR-1 the rest are just slightly pigmented with lots of fine shimmer.

These are easy to blend but why would you want to spread the glitter around anyway?


These eyeshadows are good…for nothing.

Not great as a stand alone colour, bit rubbish as a base, not much of a interesting top coat, doesn’t set to a crease free finish. Blah.

Good job these didn’t cost too much and I bought them from Not really worth it but if you must have one, just buy ONE they all practically look the same anyway.

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