My cat eats plastic

My cat eating plastic has nothing to do with this post, its just her hobby, ok? I just wanted to quickly tell you that:

Silly cat image by mgcampbell on Photobucket.jpg

1. Competition winners that have sent me addresses, thank you, your prizes will be sent out this week.

2. This week there are 3 giveaways, one for the UK only, one for US only and to be fair, one is open internationally.

3. The blog posts may be a little sparse this week. Believe me I have stacks of make up and things to review and write about but I have some other commitments this week I need to put first and I also need to work on Christmas posts on the blog – oh yes, I am feeling Christmassy and you will all be feeling it full force!

Thats all. If you’d like to moan/encourage/abuse, please comment below….

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