Meh Meh Meh is not like Lavshuca

I recieved Lavshuca’s Winter Palettes this week from Adambeaty (Always excellent service) and well….erm…it’s not that great.

Lavshuca is such a lush brand, full of affordable make up and the eyeshadow palettes are normally full of nice colours. Anyway this is what they look like:

The Cases (cardboard):

It comes empty –

So you can stick the stuff in the slots –

Which is pointless really, because its obvious where it’s supposed to go. Not like you can be creative with the layout. Anyhow, here’s the brown:

This is the grey –

The gloss is meh – it’s just your standard gloss and probably too pretty to spoil anyway and the eyeshadows are quite chalky – definately not up to the usual lavshuca standard. The brushes are pretty useless too…

I don’t know what it is about Ltd Edition palettes sometimes, they can bring out the worst in normally good brands (remember Amaratsu from Shu (the blush and 3 shadows) – ugh that was horrendous quality).

Nevermind, these weret expensive, around £8 each. But seriously, they are for looking at, not for using!

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  1. Claudia says

    Hi! I bought this one as well. The packaging looks pretty and cute but I think the eyeshadows didn’t give much colour. There is not much difference between the white and pink eyeshadow. Can’t really tell that I was wearing actually 2 different colours! Oh wells.. at least they are lovely to look at 😛

    Love your blog!