Review: ELF Studio Corrective Concealer Palette

I was sent this ELF concealer to test out and review a while also…(I am working through a massive box of goodies, its daunting I tell ya!).

ELF, in case you don’t know, sells extremely affordable cosmetics from £1.50 and they also have the ‘studio’ range which looks a bit slicker but is still very affordable (£3.50 for this palette!).

I love concealers. This palette is the kind of thing I would normally go for:

ELF corrective concealer.jpg

The packaging is soooo Nars-esque. In this palette we have 4 shades for different uses.

elf corrective concealer-1.jpg

They Say:

Use the nude and beige shades to conceal problematic areas. Use the green shade to neutralize redness like that of acne and the lilac shade to brighten yellow tones.

So basically its everything you need in one place. I am a concealer fiend, did I tell you. But I am forever losing them.

Here’s the palette:

elf corrective concealer-2.jpg

It reminds me of a Chanel palette I own (AWOL, in case you are wondering) which also has a pink, a green and two fleshy tones. Its also a bit like my Lise Watier concealer wheel, which I have also, thankfully, lost.

This is a decent little concealer palette. Its not the best concealer I have ever used but lets not forget its only £3.50 – the price of a Starbucks with extra marshmallows, which, I am sure they charge you for.


elf concealer.jpg

The texture is good – its creamy rather than drying – urgh how I hate dry, cakey concealer. But it does need a powder me thinks, to set it. Don’t I always set concealer? No, not always.

On the pigmentation side, it could do better especially with the fleshy tones – it wouldn’t conceal my mega red patches.

On the other hand the two coloured concealers, the green and pink are good because they are pigmented enough – with greens and pinks I always think you don’t need anything too green or too thick or too pigmented because the result is a little puke like.


elf concealer-1.jpg


Not a bad little concealer palette, I am sure it will work better on you if you only need minor concealing. As mentioned, the colour correctors are the tones I would recommend most in the palette. Worth a go if you are starting out your new concealer collection or if you are on a budget.

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I keep adding a load of things to my Elf shopping basket and then just end up closing the page. This has been one of the many items I’m umming and ahhing about. I haven’t had much luck with light toned green concealers – I am incredibly fair and yet I can blend the life out of them and I still have a lime streak on my face. The only green concealer I have is from lily lolo and it is powerdered wonderment and it’s a rather mossy dark green rather than the tradition light. Though i am in need of new concealer as MAC’s correct something of other doesn’t cut it anymore. What do you recommend (for under eye mostly)?? xxx

  2. Jenn says

    I just got this and the complexion perfetion no idea hot to use it…Which goes first…do i need foundation?