Hair Do Nail Don’t: Gielly Green Boutique Salon Review

I squeeze in a lot of things when I’m down in London and since I spotted the Wahanda deal for Gielly Green Boutique Salon (I paid £35 for a Haircut and Manicure) I thought – why the hell not! I could do with a trim anyway….

London Hair Beauty Boutique Salon - Gielly Green.jpg

So, where do I start?

How about how my direction sense goes out of the window when I’m in London town. Making a 9.30am appointment was not a wise move on my part, especially when I estimated my tube journey would take 15 minutes – yeah, more like 45!

Once we got off the tube, I was flapping (was totally late) and let Mr Candy lead the way.

The correct route:

Map to Gielly Green.jpg

The route Mr Candy took me:

Google Maps.jpg


Nevertheless…all was not lost.

Once inside the salon, which did have a really lovely boutique and comfortable look I met my stylist who I think was called Tenessee. She had a Gwen Stefani thing going on and she was really lovely, and helpful despite my obviously stressed out demeanour.

Next, my hair was washed by Edward, a Taylor Lautner lookalike who was equally sweet and gave me an excellent head massage. I loved the chairs in this salon – they raised your entire body so no more horrible stiff neck.

Then on to the hair cut and nail treatment.

I was hushed off to a corner of the salon – perhaps because I was late there was no space for me, so that could be entirely my own fault. (I was removed from the seat the moment I was done too, so perhaps I was in the way!).

My manicure….hmm. Now – I love how it looked once done but I would be lying if I said I didn’t suffer some pretty bad cuticle pain. The manicurist nicked one finger (and apologised) but inspecting them later I saw that there were a few small nicks on about 5 other fingers.

As someone who rarely gets my nails done – ouch! It hurt! Then putting nail polish remover on top of it – OUCH!

Painful nails.jpg

I went to Inglot later on that day and the SA said to me, basically, that my cuticles didn’t look like they had been ‘done’.

What do you think nail experts? (Picture taken 24 hours after manicure)

Nail manicure cuticles.jpg

My hair cut was swift and although not wildly different to what I have now, I actually love it. Its neater, it has more shape and its perfect for what I want cos I want to grow my hair long again.

Gielly Green Salon Pros:

– Gorgeous Salon

– Great location…if you can read maps

– Nice tea/coffee

– Hair wash was fab

– Hair cut was great, Tennesse very nice

Gielly Green Salon Cons:

– Nails…like I said, the manicurist was lovely, I love the colour and overall look but I don’t think the cuticles were as good as they could be.

– There’s a few divas in the salon…and I’m talking about the hairdressers. Whether its a stylist shouting at someone junior or two people behind you going “No I’m not doing it, you do it*” any staff dispute always makes me feel uncomfortable, like I shouldn’t be there.

*It being my head


Glimpses of brilliance here, and I felt looked after by the people I saw but there is something, perhaps a warmth, that was missing from the salon. Would I go there again? Well I think I probably would, if not just for Taylor Lautner to wash my hair again.

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