Want longer hair? Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Review

It wasn’t until I had a horrendously mad mullet cut last year that I started looking up ways to get my hair to grow faster, quicker.

All kind of things came up – special shampoos, special tables, horse tablets and what not. Not really willing to stretch to taking bizarre tablets for the sake of making my hair grow faster, so I have just been letting it slowly become humanish again.

Then this Lee Stafford Hair Treatment arrived. This Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment is a 200ml tub of a creamy looking conditioner which is supposed to help us girls who are thinning on top, but also encourages growth.

Lee Stafford Treatment .jpg

Here is what it does as written on the tub! What also interested me is that its there to moisturise the scalp – I have a very dry, flaky scalp so this was also a bonus.

I find that intensive treatments are far too heavy to use as a scalp treatment – it makes the hair really really really limp and lifeless.

Lee Stafford Hair Treatment.jpg

Otherwise, it looks just like an intensive conditioner:

Lee Stafford Hair Treatment-1.jpg

You use this after shampooing but before conditioner and leave it on for 5 minutes. Nothing too it really – I don’t have time for excessively complicated hair routines.

So I have been using this for a few weeks now. Ze verdict is:


– Its EXTREMELY good on the scalp. Very hydrating and soothing.

– Its easy to rinse off. No lifelessness like you get with heavy conditioner on the roots.

– Its left my hair at the root looking very shiny.

– I think it has some encouraged hair growth somewhat. Its always hard truly measure these things as there are so many variants, BUT on me (I can tell because of where I had my hair dyed) I think its grown about 3/4 of an inch in 3 weeks.

– Its an easy way to encourage hair growth without pills or other silliness.


Just one. The scent. Its quite a strong perfume which you will either like or not. I certainly didn’t mind it but I always worry something that is scented my make my scalp itch.


Well worth trying if you want your hair to grow longer or if you want to condition your scalp. Will absolutely buy it again – also not had any allergic reactions to it. I think I’ll stick it on my scalp and stuck conditioner on the roots, 2 birds in 1 stone, like.

Its £6.99 for 200ml – you do have to use an ‘egg’ sized amount so it won’t last forever but its still pretty generous tub.

See it here on Boots.


Lee Stafford.jpg

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  1. says

    Interesting! I always stay really far away from intensive treatments.. they always make my fine hair greasy quickly or limp and lifeless. I get some dandruff sometimes {euwww I know} so this sounds good!

  2. Emma says

    I’ve actually used this, it’s really good. Normally I never fully finish any kind of beauty product, but I actually used up all of my tub and rinsed it out to get the last dregs… My hair grows quite quickly normally, but using this it grew about 3 inches in a month and a half (guesstimation). Well, I’m not amazing with judging lengths, but my hair grew like no tomorrow. Currently trying to bully my friend into trying it, will definitely show her this post 😀