Karin Herzog Review and Final Skincare Update

Its time for a round up on my thoughts and feelings of the Karin Herzog Skincare range which was kindly sent to me a while back to test out.

Here is my initial post ok Karin Herzog and my update at week 2-3 and at week 4-5.

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As you know, when I started out I had tons of breakouts which was normal, and then eventually that calmed down significantly.

If you want to see what products I used and how, see this post here.

What I thought of individual products:

Chocolate Cleanser –

Very thick, like thick thick vaseline. Unusual cleanser, felt I needed more help to get make up off but no irritation.

Oxygen Face Cream –

Love-Hate with this one. I think it was effective with holding back spots but it has a strange airy kind of texture which wasn’t enough moisture for my dry skin. It also smells mildly of Jolene because it contains hydrogen peroxide.

Gel Glyco Rose –

An exfoliating gel – quite liquid smells gorgeous but gave me an allergic reaction (a strong burning sensation and I had red patches on my skin for a while). Mr Candy used it and although it stung him it worked much better of his oily skintype.

Vita-A-Kombi Oil –

This was for my drier patches so I used this at night under my Oxygen Cream. You only get a bit but its very concentrated. A nice facial oil.Mild Scrub –

Loved this – has a really nice dence but firm grain to it so perfect for scrubbing. Really addicted to this product and was the first thing I used up.

Vita A Kombi 3 –

This is a spot cream – you don’t rub it in just dabbed it on zits. It works quite effectively, bringing the head to the surface in a day or so. You get quite a lot of this product.

Oxygen Body Cream –

Has a light airy texture a bit like the Oxygen Cream. Used this on the lymph nodes for massage – worked quite well.

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Like with a lot of skincare ranges, I found that some products worked well for me, some didn’t.

After sticking with the range until I had finished most of the products, I can say that my skin feels softer and l get less spots although in all honesty, its not quite where I want it to be (its still incredibly dry for example, and it lacks clarity).

Having very sensitive skin also doesn’t help – I’ve come to accept that less really is more when it comes to my skin. Anything too fancy and my skin puffs up, red and angry.

The range is pioneering – its really quite different to anything else I have used and I think if the range does suit you, it will probably work amazingly well.

The consultation they give you (recommending products and how to use them) is in depth and well worth getting regardless (its free of charge).

Since the products are quite expensive, I’d recommend that you get samples if possible to test the products first or try a Karin Herzog facial (which is amazing) to see if it suits your skin. Having an allergic reaction is no fun.

Visit the Karin Herzog Site here.

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