FOTD, Inspired By Series No. 1: Guitar Hero

Starting today, I’m going to start doing FOTD’s that are inspired by…stuff. Stuff, since this is me we’re talking about could be anything. A chocolate hob-nob, a sprig of coriander, an extractor fan…..maybe not an extractor fan. Someone asked me once if my middle name was extractor….but I digress.

guitar hero.jpg

No. 1:
Inspired by Guitar Hero (for PS3, if you care)! This is actually a rather good game even though I am really bad at it!

Read on to see my FOTD…
So I took the colours from the buttons – Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange…pretty obvious stuff but I like it!

guitar hero make up look.jpg

False lash application…I’m getting better! Its still something I need to master.

rainbow eye shadow.jpg

Base Products Used:

MUFE HD Foundation (urgh)

Nars Tumosa Multiple as a Contour

MAQUillage Face Creator Blusher

RMK Concealer under the eyes

mac eyeshadow look.jpg


Never been used before Ben Nye Grand Lumiere Palette

NYX Shangri-La palette for the Red

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black

Anastasia Brow Powder


Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Lipstick

DSC05932 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

I don’t know why people bit*ch so much about Guitar Hero sometimes…

‘Hey learn to play a real guitar instead of a plastic thing!’

‘I can play the Guitar as well’

‘Erm….your hair sucks!’

This is not a real conversation that I’ve actually had, but I am anticipating it, like the rude comments I got when I bought a Wii Fit…

“Why don’t you just go for a run instead?”


mac make up look green blue.jpg

Hope you liked the FOTD! Would you wear multi coloured eyes?

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  1. Gwen says

    I don’t think I would ever wear a rainbow-coloured eye but you do look really good in the last picture! It reminds me of gummi bears!!

  2. Amira says

    Your eye shadow is so o pretty! I also love the lipstick, though I’m not usually into nude/beige.

    I’ve only recently gotten into bright multi-coloured e/s (though I still love my dark purples and greys) and will cheerfully wear bubblegum pink and green. My favourite set, however, is the Skittles Collection from which is just amazing in colour and texture.

  3. says

    That’s really fun and surprisingly pretty! I don’t know if I’d actually go out wearing such bright make-up, but I do like it a lot on you!

  4. Sabine says

    Hi Row

    Though I cannot wear that look out I secretly love it for so many geeky reasons. It reminds me so much of the playstation gamepad because of the colors. I love guitar hero too and LOL just like you I’m stuck in easy to hard mode depending on the instrument I choose. Expert… LOL I don’t think I can attempt even on bass.

    • Row says

      Hi Sabine

      You know, I have never been a playstation girl (always Nintendo) 😀 But they have soem fab game! I am rubbish at it though, I am basically on Easy for most of the instruments, apart from Bass!!!!!!