Fight the cellulite! Melvita Algascience Slimming Oil Review

Melvita is fast becoming one of my favourite skincare brands – the range is huge, it’s not too expensive and I’ve found some random gems like this skin tonic!

The Algascience range is one of the newest ones and is there to firm and tone the skin, and diminish the appearance of cellulite.

I reviewed the soap already, which I really like and is in my shower!!! I use it 2 times a week instead of exfoliating, works a treat and is faster and more economical.


They say:

This wonder oil is formulated with Hyper-Oxygenated Olive Oil to decongest and regenerate as well as a cocktail of carefully selected essential oils (Geranium, Scots Pine, Juniper and Hybrid Lavender) to reduce water-retention and stimulate blood micro-circulation. The elasticity of the skin is visibly improved and skin feels firmer whilst being deeply moisturised.

To be honest, I doubt any skincare product can remove cellulite or tone skin to the point where you look ‘slimmer’ but a good product can certainly leave the skin with a better texture and tone.

I am very lazy with bodycare – very – but my skin is dry all over at the moment and with it being ‘summer’ (ahem) one will always bare a little more flesh! So I am loving body oils because I can slap them on in the shower or straight after and dab off the excess.

This stuff smells a bit like…the sea…in a good way. Sort of fresh. Nicer than how the soap smells, not that the soap is gross, it just smells a bit more seaside-y.


I have been using this slimming oil around my bum and legs for 3 weeks and I am really happy with it! I don’t think it’s removing cellulite or anything but my legs stay really hydrated for the whole time until I wash again (not that I wash errr, infrequently!).

It also improves the texture of the skin – it feels a bit firmer but that’s just how I think it feels, I don’t know if it actually is, if that makes sense? It could be that the skin is just springier, with it being hydrated.

It’s a really nice oil although I think I will get through it very quickly.

Buy it here for £21 (100ml).

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