Eyeshadow Comparison: Nars Mekong vs Nars Galapagos

You know you are sad when you can name colours of a brand off by heart and do virtual comparisons of shades and textures. I can’t do that with many brands, I can completely do that with Nars…god knows I’ve spent too many hours on that counter.

So when I saw the stunning-gorgeousness of Mekong, their new espresso gold flicked shadow, alarm bells immediately entered my head

*Galapagos, Galapagos DUPE DUPEDUPE DUPE!*

Actually they are quite different:

nars mekong and galapagos.jpg

Brown based, check.

Gold flecks, check.

The rest?Texture wise they are a little different. Galapagos is harder, a bit chalker than Mekong, which is like buttah, its so smooth. Having said that, Galapagos is still very soft and pigmented, its just a tiny bit drier perhaps because the gold particles are a little bigger (therefore fall out more likely).

comparison nars eyeshadow.jpg

Mekong is a very dark dark brown, rich espresso shade whereas Galapagos is a quite a warm toned chocolate brown. I think they are both are gorgeous but cool toned ladies may find Galapagos harder to wear since it is on the warm side – Mekong is pretty universal.

mekong galapagos.jpg

It didn’t come across so well in the picture, but there is quite a strong difference in the base browns. I like both a lot – Galapagos I would say would be nice as a lid colour, whereas Mekong is so strong that is should be a contour unless you are specifically going for a smoky eye look.

Different enough to own both? Yes, if you love browns.

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  1. mizzworthy says

    My galapagos, along with much of my NARS collection is languishing, neglected and unloved – I must I must start to use tham again!

  2. Medina says

    Hi Rowena,

    Mekong looks a bit like a dark side of Cordura duo to me… Is that right? I think you own Cordura and I never got around to getting it, maybe it’ll make a nice dupe…

    • Row says

      Hi Medina

      Yes I am with you there. Codura’s dark side was also this extremely dark chocolate….I would go for a duo over a solo cos you get the extra shade BUT mekong is creamier….