A pedicure at Michaeljohn London and there were no fish (review)

The Michaeljohn hair salon located in Mayfair is very posh. So posh that the reception is littered with Hermes handbags (real ones) and eccentric hairdressers that look like Mr. Miyagi in flower power shirts dance around enthusiastically around a well coiffed head.

Hence you have to understand my slight reservations as I walked into the poshness with my scraggly hair and muddied bag, a result of running through Central London for 2 days straight.

Having said that, I was booked in at Michaeljohn’s for a 1 hour Pedicure – my feet were bleeding (metaphorically) by the time I got there so there was no better treatment for that moment in time.

The reception:

Michaeljohn hairdressers

A young, pretty Daisy Lowe type receptionist greeted me in a beige coloured suit (this was the uniform for the reception staff, very sharp)…

I sat in the waiting area, where more well coiffed people talking about their holidays (past) and other holidays (future). What a interesting place to people watch!

The pedicure goes is supposed to go like this:

Polish removed, nails are cut and filed.  Cuticle remover is applied and feet are soaked for 10 minutes.  A exfoliating foot scrub is applied and a massage takes place and feet are filed.  Nails are cleaned, cuticles moisturised and massaged.  There is a 10 minute foot massage and polish is applied.

The Michaeljohn salon offers a lot of different treatments and the pedicure area was at the back of the salon next to what appeared to be the hair extension area.

Michael john hair salon cosmetic candy

My pedicure lady asked me to put my feet into a soak, and ahhhh what a relief that was to my feet. I had chosen a colour (a bright pink by Essie, I forget the shade name) for my toes.  Most of the pedicure was as most pedicures are, pushing back the cuticles, scrubbing the feet, filing off the dead skin.

My pedicurist was very quick and efficient, she didn’t hurt me when she pushed the cuticles back as some people do, and got the hard skin off without making me cringe.

On the downside she saw some of my leg and commented (you’ll know this if you follow me on Twitter), “You need a leg wax…hair’s so long!”.  Lady, I KNOW.  It’s like being told you could do with a trim during your cervical smear.  I just smiled politely.

Overall though the whole pedicure was very swift and efficient and I could walk again! I was in so much pain before I went in and my feet felt much better afterwards.  I sat there for 25 minutes afterwards, supping coffee to wait for my toes to dry.

I do wish there was more of a massage though – I had some balm rubbed into my feet but I would’ve  a bit of rubbing (ahem).

A small picture of my finished feet, cos who needs to see close ups of other people’s feet, eh:

Pink polish Essie Pedicure

If your looking for some pampering in a gloriously glam salon check out Michaeljohn salon.  It’s one of those places I can imagine someone goes to lose half a day getting their their hair, toes, nails and WAXING done!

A pedicure lasts 60 minutes and costs £50. (Refreshments are chargeable, don’t go and have 10 latte’s then blame me for not telling you).

25 Albemarle street, Mayfair, London, W1S 4HU

E: online@michaeljohn.co.uk
T: 0207 629 6969

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  1. says

    It’s sounds terribly posh. This is a place I should NEVER go. I have hairy toes, never mind hairy legs so I shouldn’t imagine my grooming would up to standard!! I honestly can’t believe she said that. Utterly unprofessional.