Dishwashing Hand Cream, Laundry Hand Cream! PDC Famy Hand Cream Review

When I saw these hand creams I loved how cute and retro they looked. One hand cream, apparently is made for people to use after dish washing and the other is for after cleaning/laundry. How practical!

PDC Famy Hand Cream (Sensitive Skin) helps to tackle the problem of skin dryness caused by washing detergent. Its nourishing ingredients such as Angelica acutiloba extract, Vaseline and vitamin E derivative penetrate into skin to keep it moistened. The light smell of menthol gives you a sense of coolness.

I don’t know about you but I am pretty lazy about using hand cream. My skin is quite good although I did notice some crinkles around the base of my nail the other day ARGH! So I am going to start carrying one round with me all the time.

Mr C on the other hand is the hand cream expert – he uses up every hand cream I own because of his very dry skin.


See how happy these women are with housework when they have this hand cream!?


But hey, how much housework do you do!?

Well…not that much to be fair but still, I need a good hand cream!

The dishwashing hand cream is a thick yellow paste, it smells good and it gives lots of hydration without being greasy. I can see how this is appropriate for after washing up because it’s a gorgeous thick texture.

The laundry or general cleaning hand cream is more of a gel, it’s lighter in texture and feels very hydrating but sinks in quicker. I still prefer the dishwashing one though as I prefer creamier textures.


You can see here the textures are quite different:



These are really nice hand creams and are a nice handy size for carrying around in the handbag. They are totally un-greasy which is really important to me when choosing a hand cream. I paid about £4 each for these on eBay.

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  1. kirsten T says

    Those are too cute! I don’t do the dishes or laundry but my hands are dry and wrinkly. I use Crabtree and Evelyn lavender hand cream, but its not making a huge difference to my hands.

  2. kirsten T says

    oOps forgot to add:
    Are you intending to try the concealer for hands?? It looks like a great cover up for wrinkly hands. I could be useful specially for brides who will have their hands photographed a lot with their ring. Its on adambeauty.

  3. says

    oo nice, i think these are from daiso? nowadays im a firm believer of hand & foot creams..currently im using body&bath wic kills germs too ^^
    what does the fragrance of these smells like? i like fruits smells hehe

    xoxo elle