Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme Hair Treatment

I have had my eye on Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer range for a while, but it’s pretty expensive. Then I noticed an Extreme version – I like things extreme!

So I paid £22 for this intensive hair treatment. It’s a lot, especially with the length of my hair, it isn’t going last very long. Having said that its a once a week treatment only.


I tried Philip Kingsley out for the first time here. I tried his scalp shampoo and conditioner, which were both good but quite expensive. The conditioner, in particular, was absolutely outstanding and made my mop comb-able in about 5 seconds. Review here.

Then there was a cheaper version, also developed by Urban Retreat I tried, which was ok, not as good as the Original Philip Kingsley range.

Anyway, I figured if the Scalp Conditioner could be so amazing, the Elasticizer Extreme must be…extreme(ly good).


It comes with a plastic shower cap to put all your hair back once you have applied the conditioner, which is like a thick cream.

You use this before shampooing – you need to wet the hair then leave for 10-20 mins.

I have used this a few times now – unfortunately my hair is so long that I need a fair amount to make sure all of my mop is covered.


I am really reluctant to recommend something that is so expensive – I do think in current times that £22 is a lot of money for a pot on intensive conditioner.

However – it does work a treat. I used the treatment today and had to run out of the flat with it still wet and it was sun dried – to to speak. Still, my hair looked soft, lush and shiny. I am seriously, so reluctant to recommend it because its a lot of money but I must confess, it worked a treat. And it didn’t weigh my hair down or look greasy. Even without a drop of styling product, my hair still looked good. For those of us with very dry, over coloured hair, I would really recommend it as a treat.

Extreme is for very dry hair – there is a normal version for slighty damaged or coloured hair. That one also works out cheaper to buy. You can find the Elasticizers a little cheaper online, for example I found it for £17.95 from eBay.

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