Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum Review

I want to find an amazing lash primer – Shiseido Lash Base was always my first choice but since they have reformulated it, I am looking for a worthy predecessor.

I tend to avoid mainstream brand primers, I mean, high street/drug store brands, or even Lancome, Clinique, Chanel, Urban Decay primers because I find they are that sort of gloopy white formula that is far too heavy for my lashes.

I didn’t have success with Majolica Majorca primer either, but loved Tiffa, then they reformulated it and it was rubbish.


But here I am anyway with Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum:


I love Dior Mascara!

They say:

Instantly, its unique formula works like an incredible replumping coat to thicken the lashes. Lashes are immediately curled, thickened, lengthened and ideally prepared to magnify the effect of the mascara and maximize its hold. Proven results: visibly longer lashes and up to two times more volume.

The brush is interesting – it’s a plastic comb, and the formula is indeed, that gloopy white stuff but it has a plastic feel to it. If you were to feel the primer between your fingers, it’s almost a little glue like.


What I want from a primer is:

– Length
– It MUST hold curl
– It must be non crunchy

Here it is on my lashes:


I really feel that whilst this primer isn’t a gloopy mess like some white primers are, it is still fairly heavy to use and therefore weighs down my curl. Not completely but it doesn’t enhance it.

It definitely adds body to the lashes, but makes them stick together too. On someone elses lashes perhaps, thicker and longer lashes, it may work. On me it was a struggle.

I even tried quickly applying this then slapping on a mascara that I know holds curl well and the result was still, less curl and a slightly hard and plastic-y.

On the lashes:



For me it adds volume but requires a bit of work to easy through the clumps. It didn’t help with curl so for me, it’s a little pointless.

This costs £22 from Dior counters.

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  1. Jan says

    I have never had much success with eyelash primers – my eyelashes are prime candidates being wimpy and pathetic and fall out at mere whiff of a mascara wand, but primers seem to be a step too far for them. The only success I had was with a Prescriptives one which seemed to protect + thicken. Why oh why was Prescriptives discontinued. Thankyou for this though, love the pics – OH thought it was a loo brush – not your eye obviously. Jan x

    • Row says

      Hi Jan

      Glad they didn’t think my eye was a loo brush!!

      I don’t like this Dior brush I think its too big for my eye shape of course if you are long and lush then it’s not a problem. I have gone back to testing Majolica Majorcas base and it’s going well!

  2. Wendy says

    Try the Loreal Beauty tubes mascara (either white/red or blue/gold)they are excellent, they mostly lenghten but they do not flake.
    Plus theyre cheaper.

  3. says

    I’ve heard lots about the primer but not as a primer but as a lash growing serum, which I’m very keen on trying. If you’re having issues with holding a curl, I’d recommend ‘Kiss me Heroine Volume and curl” mascara…amazing curl and volume, works even better when lashes are slightly curled and it does not clump easily.

    I’ve never enjoyed primers…I find it a bit of a pain, so I stick to whatever works the way I want without the primer.