Dame Edna & MAC Collaboration!

I thought this was a super cool collaboration between MAC and Dame Edna…

Even I have to admit it looks super cute and that beauty powder looks like a must have for me!

It’s out in December just after Xmas apparently.  But now that we’ve done the dame and we have Hello Kitty coming up what else can MAC think of in terms of collaborations.  Here are some of my suggestions.


Style Icon Pat Butcher could come up with amazing collection don’t you think?

We would have a selection of frosty eyeshadows.

Frost Pink – Oh, Ricky!

Frost White – Oh, Bianca!

Frost Blue – Oh, Janine!

And a frosty pink lipstick, called ‘I’ll sort it awwwttt’.

* Pat Butcher is a fictional character from BBC soap, Eastenders, which is the most morose and pathetic waste of TV licence payers money, ever.  Common themes include: murder, suicide, rape, incest, violence, premature babies on a DAILY BASIS.

MAC love Sienna Miller

My favourite, Sienna!  We could have a range of mineralized beauty powders?

Soft coral bronze – I’ll steal your husband, bitch

Soft peach gold – I don’t care if he has kids, lolz

Pinky-brown – I don’t have herpes

We could also have two lipsticks,

Classic Red – Where’s my neck gone?

Classic Rose – Where’s my man gone?

Finally, my favourite idea, and I will sue if they steal this –

MAC loves Margarita Pracatan

If you are an 80s British child you may remember Margarita from the Clive James show.  She is a Cuban keyboard player and singer.  She’s DA BOMB.

I’m not going to insult Marge, cos I like her but I think we could have a collection of really bright lipsticks;

Red with gold sparkles!

Fuchia with purple sparkles!

And of course some bronzers and when you open the case her songs play! Won’t that be one for the bus!

What collaborations would you like to see?

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  1. says

    I’m actually very excited about the Dame Edna collection. It’s the first good collection Mac will have had for a very long time.

    Forget Sienna. Mac needs to collaborate with that icon of elegance: Jade Goody. I’m not sure what names she’ll come up with for all of the different shades, but I’m certain they’ll be extremely racist; ‘P*ki Princess Purple’, and the like. I hope a few of them utilize rhyming slang, for good measure.

  2. Row says

    Hey Pandy!

    Yeah I am excited too about the Dame.

    Jade Goody the make up range. Fantastic idea. You have a unhealthy obsession with UK d-list celebs by the way.