Lips of the Day: Accessorize Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss in Captivating

I am slowly but surely getting to grips with the Accessorize make up range; the feedback from other bloggers and readers seem to be positive and so far it has exceeded my expectations.

I have here a Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss – the shade is not one I would choose for myself but still, pink is pretty universal?


This lip gloss is PURE. UTTER. GLITTER.

This is not sort of shimmery or sort of glittery it is pure pure pure sparkle. Be warned if you hate glitter. If you love glitter like me, then welcome to the party!This lip gloss has a thick texture, and smells sweet – I am in to thick glosses at the moment as my lips are so dry.

Check out the swatch!


Like I said – this is pure glitter. Is it gritty? A little bit, if you rub your lips together. However, to wear it’s not uncomfortable at all and trust me I’ve had some monster glitter lip glosses in the past that are more like lip scrubs.

On the lips – I think it looks quite glam!


Liking this lip gloss and shall investigate more of these sparkly wonders!

Have you tried Acessorize lip glosses?

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  1. Jen says

    Wow, glittery like a pink discoball! I like! I’ve not got round to trying their lipglosses yet, but definitely gonna check them out next time I’m in Superdrug 😀