Review: Z Palette Customizable Make Up Palette

Anyone who reads this blog will know that I LOVE palettes, and I love having everything in one place. I have pretty much depotted everything once, some things are great to depot (NYX Shadows) some things should NEVER be taken out of their case (Nars!).

Z Palette » Large Palette.jpg

With my depotting obsession laid bare, I was very excited to receive these Z Palettes to review. The Pink Palette is a large size and the smaller black palette is the small version.

Large size – 8″L x 4.75″W x .44″ D – $20
Small size – 3.8″L x 3.8″W x .44″D – $14

z palette-1.jpg

The palettes are made of cardboard – yep I hate cardboard but this is majorly thick, very sturdy, compact stuff. I like.

The point of this palette is that its open – you can put all shapes and sizes of products in here (shadows, blush – anything in a pan).

z palette-2.jpg

This is not too thick but pretty sturdy. The lid is clear so you can see exactly whats inside:

z palette-3.jpg

The base is a magnet. If your products aren’t magnetic (I have found 50% of the things I depotted aren’t) then use magnetic stickers.

Want to see whats in my palette and how I depotted it?

z palette-4.jpg

This is what I managed to get into my palette so far! I gave my Stila eyeshadows a home, my Arabonne blush somewhere to go, and depotted my Too Faced shadows.

z palette .jpg

I still have some space too! Its a good place for me to protect my shadows which so far have sat around in a plastic bag.

z palette.jpg

Depotting my Too Faced

I decided to depot my Too Faced eyeshadows because the boxes are so big and bulky. The way to do it is to stick a knife or something sharp into the corner:

too faced smokey eyes palette.jpg

Wiggle, wiggle, let it out:

too faced eyeshadow smoky.jpg

Here is what it looks like lifted out. The Natural Eye Palette is harder to remove by the way:

too faced smoky eye palette.jpg

The back of the shadows:

too faced smoky.jpg

The pans will be easy to lift out after this. Put the card back in your palette if you want to save it:

too faced shadow.jpg

One Too Faced set fits into the smaller Z Palette.

NOTE: The Smoky eye palette is magnetic.

The Natural eye palette is NOT magnetic.

too faced palette.jpg


There are a few alternatives if that you can go for if you want to depot your eyeshadows and the Z Palette is excellent and a great choice if you have lots of make up in awkward shapes.

What I used to do was buy MAC palettes and lift out the section that holds the pans in place, then put my shadows in there (as you can fit more in). I don’t have to do this if I have the Z Palette.

Having said that it depends if you prefer to have a plastic case over a cardboard one. As I said earlier it is a very sturdy palette that will be fine with water (not if you throw it in the Pacific, obviously).

I have a ton – and I mean a ton – of square NYX shadows to find a home for so I will be purchasing 6 for the large black Z palettes – they will be exhibiting at IMATS London 2010, so if you are around, its a good chance to try this product out.


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  1. says

    I am not sure how cardboard would work in my pro kit but I would certainly use it to save space from the countless palettes I have which are taking up room and gathering dust! Great review!