Chacott Finishing Powder Review; The best selling loose powder in Japan

Chacott for Professionals Finishing Powder, I have heard, is the best selling loose powder in Japan and is a range originally made for dancers and stage performers. Not that I am a stage performer, but I do find that my make up slides off by mid day quite often.

This powder is sweat proof, water proof, long lasting. It comes in 2 sizes and the larger size (which I bought) is gigantic at 170grams! God knows I can’t finish a loose powder as it is!

Here are the shades – I chose 757 because I have been looking for a powder with no shimmer that matches my skintone (ie. so there is no white cast at ALL on my face).


757 matches me NC35 skintone well, it is NOT too dark.

So after a million years, my parcel from Hong Kong finally arrived. 170g is HUGE. I thought my Creme De La Mer powder was huge, this one is HUAGE!


I guess because this is a professional product, you get a huge tub because you’re probably applying this on lots of people or reapplying it quite a lot. I was a bit worried to be honest – I didn’t want anything too heavy or cakey on my skin.

I wanted matte but not too matte. Fussy I know…

BTW the large tub isn’t compact at all. You will not be carrying this anywhere, unless you are emigrating. It reminds me of a pancake. There’s also a cheaper, smaller 30g version.

To show once again, how huge this is, here it is next to my pride and joy, my new iPhone 4 (I know everyone has one but I waited 18 months to get mine!):


Ok so open it up and there’s a plastic lid to keep things in place:


Under that is a sifter – not a proper sifter, more of a piece of paper with holes in it. It does not, as you can see, keep powder portions under control!

The powder looks mighty dark here but seriously, once it is on the skin it’s not that dark.


The texture of this party is lovely; it’s very soft, finely milled, sinks into the skin quickly and leaves a lovely matte finish. There’s no nasty shimmer in it. This powder is PERFECT for photos – there’s no ashy cast on the skin and it’s nicely matte.

On the downside, I noticed that if you use too much, you can get a bit of the ‘dead’ effect – see MUFE’s HD foundation. Both of these products are made for cameras, stage, performers – so maybe that’s why over using them leaves the sort of ‘flat’ look…it suits the camera, not necessarily the office.


I found oil control good – better than my usual but I wouldn’t say it controlled oil all day on the T-Zone. If you are oily then you will need a blot powder/sheets etc to keep shine at bay. My skin is quite dry (another point is that this powder didn’t leave me looking cakey even on dry patches) so this powder is just right for it at the moment.

Pore cover is excellent – it really makes the skin smooth out.

Powder on the skin with moisturiser only, no concealer, foundation or retouching:



It looks like I’ll still have this powder when I’m 64 (if I live that long) because there’s so damn much of it.

Overall this is a great powder and one I will keep on using every day and also when I am doing videos and taking photos because it really suits cameras!

But I will also keep using my other powders of choice depending on my mood (ie. La Mer when I want something more shimmer, Becca for my compact powder, Laura Mercier for more glow etc.)

I bought this from eBay and paid around £20 for it including shipping.

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  1. Rebecca Ho says

    This looks really awesome
    i will recommend this to my friend who is a dancer and performer 😀
    im not sure if it’s the same with everyone, but the first photos isn’t showing, just to let you know :)

  2. Raquel says

    Thanks for posting about new products. I’d love to check this out as I need to buy a loose powder soon. How does this compare with the NARS loose powder?

  3. Paige says

    can I ask which site/store you bought it from? I’ve been looking for loose power for a while and this one looks interesting…though I wouldn’t need to buy another (with reason of needing one, but if with reason of wanting another one then XD ) since it’s huge

  4. says

    I live in HK and they don’t sell the 170grams version anymore (only for the transparent shade i think), i was debating whether to get the 30g or 170g (coz money-wise the 170grams is sold at $180 HKD, and the amount of product is almost 6 times more than the 30g!!) i got the 30g at the end coz i was afriad the powder will go bad before I can use it ‘regularly’ LOL

  5. says

    Ah, I’ve been totally curious about this powder as it’s quite easy to find nowadays! That tub is huge! If I ever use up my loose powders and find a need for another one, I’ll definitely try the small size of this. I tend to find pressed powders more convenient in general though. And also, I have this terrible lemming for Caron’s loose powder 😛

  6. Asuka says

    In the image where the available colours are presented, next to the numbers, there are numbers in brackets; 5 is replaced by 6. What is this other colour?