Boots No. 7 Autumn 2010 Collection Swatches & Review

Boots No. 7’s Autumn offering is a Smörgåsbord of goodies, featuring their new Exceptional Definition mascara, and some other pieces.

I have the Limited Edition Eye Palette, the Soft Matte Finish Lipstick, Smoky Eyeliner and Matte Topcoat.


First up is their limited soft matte lipstick which comes in two shades, a plum and a nude. This promises to give a pigmented finish with added hydration. I have the Plum Rebellion, which I have to say is very soft and hydrating to wear.

Plum Rebellion:


I seriously like the texture of this lipstick – it’s might soft and creamy…Although to be fair, it’s not that matte either. Softly matte. But it is called soft matte….


There’s only two shades to choose from, plum and nude will have to hunt out the nude one because this lipstick does have a very nice texture. You can see it leaves the lips looking quite healthy.

Next up is the star of this collection the limited edition Smoky Eyeliner:


The head of this is a sponge, it’s long and flat. Reminds me of the Guerlain Kohls, but the brush is not plastic or pointed. This one is softer, good for applying an eyeline or for smudging into a soft smoky effect.

I used it as an eyeliner and it lined my eyes pretty well. You can also use this on the waterline, dabbing as you go – it’s similar to Guerlain’s in that way and I didn’t sense any major irritation.


Just one thing – look out for the liner transferring to your upper eyelid. Inevitable, perhaps, but this is still an excellent item, my star item of this collection.


Then there is the Boots No 7 Quad. Inspired by snakeskin (the palette lid is like one) this has four unusual shades, a purple, green, blue and orange.


I think these look hard textured in the pan but actually swatch ok. The colours are weird right – let’s face it – it’s cool, then it’s warm, it’s bright, then it’s muted. I would’ve loved more pigmentation or perhaps more shimmer/metallic particles to make this a real rebel palette – bold, bright, unruly colours that just don’t care.

Instead, because they swatch neither shimmery nor matte, not unpigmented but not overly colour rich either, it’s a bit hard to place it:


Anyway did a quick look on my eye using the purple, green and blue. It’s a different kinda look.


Finally the Matte Top Coat.

Matte polishes, I have to say, look uber funky if not a little bit weird to me. Still, I think it’s an amazing idea to have a matte top coat as long as it does work…

So here is a polish I applied quickly, pretty glossy:


Give it a few minutes and voila!


Is it wrong that I find that totally fascinating?! I love this product because I think matte nails are funky and with this I can basically transform any polish I already own into a matte.

Prices are £10.50 for the eyeshadow palette, £9.75 for the matte lipstick, £6.75 for the Top Coat and £9.50 for the Limited Edition Smoky eye. Bear in mind you get a £22 goody bag when you spend £22 and there’s loads of £5 off No. 7 vouchers knocking about at the moment.

Do you like anything from this collection?

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  1. Kitty says

    Oh man I totally want that lipstick!! I am loving plum shades right now and that would suit me so gooood. Those colours on the palette are really nice but a weird combo!! I love the look you did with them!!

    Kitty x

  2. says

    the eye liner looks very interesting! I haven’t seen a sponge tip eyeliner like that before. the smokey effects looks great!